WWDC 2018: Features That Will Transform How We Use Apple Devices

Apple users all across the globe wait for two major events that happen every year. One is the launch of the latest Apple iPhone and the other is WWDC, where the company releases its new OS. This year during the WWDC 2018, Apple made a couple of announcements. However, it is the iOS 12 updates that caught our attention. In the first glance, iOS doesn’t come across as a major update but it has a bunch of hidden features that make this update exciting. These hidden features will transform how we use Apple iPads and iPhones. So, let’s take a look at what features the WWDC 2018 has in store for iOS 12.

Improved Notification System

With iOS 12, Apple users will experience a whole new notification setup. Instead of displaying a long stream of individual messages, all the notifications will be grouped by apps and context. With all the notifications stacked together, you save up on a lot of screen space. Additionally, you will also be allowed to manage these notifications from the lock screen.

WWDC 2018: Features That Will Transform How We Use Apple Devices

Screen Time

Recently, when Google unveiled Android P, it introduced a new feature that will allow users to understand how much time they spend on their smartphones and when to take a break. iOS 12 has come up with something similar. The screen time feature on iOS 12 will give you an insight about the apps you have used the most, the number of times you unlocked your phone, and time you spend on each app in the last 24 hours or 7 days. This helps you understand how you are using your iPhone and how you can change or make it better.

Smarter Siri

During WWDC 2018, Apple announced a new and smarter Siri. Similar to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, even Siri will get shortcuts to access third-party apps. Furthermore, users can set various voice commands to get different tasks done. According to your routine and calendar, Siri will also offer various suggestions such as making reservations, managing notifications and much more.

WWDC 2018: Features That Will Transform How We Use Apple Devices

Animoji and MeMoji

Apple has introduced 4 new Animoji’s – koala, ghost, t-rex and tiger during the WWDC 2018. Moreover, these latest animojis will also support tongue detection. With that being said, Apple has come up with its very own MeMoji. The concept of MeMoji is similar to Bitmoji and Samsung’s AR Emoji’s, with a better interface. You can make the MeMoji look exactly like you by changing the hair, eyes, face and much more. So now we will have to wait and watch the war of AR Emoji vs Animoji and what sets them apart.

Do Not Disturb

This is one of the iOS features that were expected before the launch. You can now sleep peacefully in the night without being disturbed. The Do Not Disturb feature comes with a bedtime mode which will block all notifications on the lock screen. This mode can be activated at a specific time, location or through an action. Once the do not disturb mode is activated, the screen automatically dims and the notifications are blocked until prompted in the morning.

WWDC 2018: Features That Will Transform How We Use Apple Devices

FaceTime with 32 People Simultaneously

FaceTime has been around for quite some time now and just received its biggest update. This new update will allow users to group FaceTime 32 people at the same time. Furthermore, Apple has also made changes in the interface to support this feature. Along with group calling, you will also be able to use animojis during the call.

Shared AR Experience

At WWDC 2018, Apple along with Pixar has opened a new door to the AR experiences. A brand new AR file format called USDZ will be introduced with iOS 12. This file format will make it easier for users to share files without any loss of quality. Plus, multiple users with multiple Apple devices will be able to watch and rejoice in the same AR experience.


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