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The most famous name in the world of gadgets- Apple was started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. This US based company with a slow beginning is admired for pushing the boundaries in the personal computing space. Apple already was quite popular for their iconic iPod music players, but the launch of Apple iPhones changed the scenario of smartphones forever. Apple has set a benchmark that has led other makers to model their phones after it.

The simplicity, consistency, impressive camera performance and great app ecosystem earned Apple many accolades making it the most loved brand of smartphones in the world. HTC, LG Mobiles, Samsung Mobiles and many others have taken inspiration from Apple’s products in creating their own.
Unlike other players like Xiaomi, Huawei or OnePlus which are sold online, Apple has invested heavily in their offline presence. Their marquee Apple Store is awe-inspiring and attractive. It is one of the globally renowned brands having a wide range of electronic gadgets and devices blending class, style and performance. One of the primary reasons to own a beautiful iPhone is its design which is sleek and trendy. Apple has created its own standards which are not matchable to any other brands. Apple held its second position with 14.9% share in the global smartphone market in the first quarter of 2017.

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Along with fast processors and the Apple iOS operating system, Apple iPhones beats the competition in terms of performance. Their oleophobic liquid proof screen protects your phone from any accidental damage. Features like Retina display and fingerprint recognition help secure your privacy and protect your data. Not to mention the fabulous multimedia experience, vibrant picture quality and clear audio and video. Moreover, these iOS mobile phones are built with precisions and accuracy to give users the most premium quality smartphone. Select the phone model based on its display size, internal memory, phone size, camera, battery life and more and choose the model that suits your needs the best.


Apple iPhones Price in India 2017

Top Apple iPhone Models Price Spec Score
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Rs.58,000 71/100
Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Rs.9,299 68/100
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Rs.54,999 71/100
Apple iPhone 8 64 GB Rs.64,000 80/100
Apple iPhone 6s Plus 32GB Rs.40,100 73/100
Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16GB Rs.36,000 73/100
Apple iPhone 6s 64GB Rs.28,999 72/100
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Rs.75,999 71/100
Apple iPhone 6s 32GB Rs.29,999 72/100
Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Rs.23,999 72/100

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