Air Purifier Buying Guide: 6 Things to Consider Before Buying

As the pollution reaches skyrocketing levels, cities are getting choked up with smog. Breathing in this air is not only unsafe but is also harmful to our health in the longer run. Wondering how do you prevent this harmful air from affecting you? Well, the best solution to this problem is buying an air purifier. With this harmful air being circulated even inside homes, an air purifier is a must these days. An air purifier buying guide will help you understand what the factors to consider before buying are.

Our air purifier buying guide will walk you through the 6 things to consider. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Choose the Right Size

While getting any additional home appliances for the house, the first thing to always consider is the size. Similarly, with an air purifier, the area that needs to be covered has to be calculated. Every air purifier comes with a certain area that it can cover to purify the air. While buying an air purifier, keep in mind that the size must be sufficient to purify the air of the room that it is placed in.

Type of Filter

There are various harmful pollutants in the air like pollen, dust, smoke, odour and much more. The major thing to ensure before buying an air purifier is that it is equipped to filter these harmful pollutants. There are four types of air purifier filters available such as HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), charged media, electrostatic precipitator and antibacterial and germicidal.

6 Things to Consider While Buying an Air Purifier in India

Air Change Rate

Every air purifier comes with a specific air change rate, which indicates the number of times the purifier can cleanse the air in a room during an hour. Some purifiers come with 5 ACH (air change rate per hour) rating, which can purify the air every twelve minutes. Getting an air purifier with 5 or 6 ACH rating is good for family members who have asthma or lung problems.

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Clean Air Delivery Rate

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) lets the user identify how fast the air purifier can function. In a single minute, how many cubic feet of air is being purified and filtered is calculated by the CADR. Most air purifiers come with three clean air delivery rate numbers for dust, smoke and pollen. If the room that the purifier is going to be placed in is large, consider getting an air purifier with a higher CADR rating for better air filtration.

6 Things to Consider While Buying an Air Purifier in India

Weight and Portability

While buying an air purifier, consider the weight and the ability to move it from one place to another. An air purifier acts as a central device for purifying the air around the entire house. Opt for a purifier that is best suited for every room in the house. A small purifier will be able to filter the air sufficiently in a small room, but might not be effective in a larger room. Also, overly large purifiers tend to take up a lot of space. Pick one that can be optimally used in the house and is easy to carry around.

Noise Level

Even though all air purifiers emit noise it is important to consider the level of noise that you are comfortable with. Overly loud purifiers can disturb the peace at home. The fans in the purifiers produce this noise. So try to pick a purifier that emits less noise and lets you maintain the peace at home and sleep peacefully at night.

Keeping the air in the house filtered and clean should not be taken lightly. Room air purifiers help in maintaining the flow of clean air in the house to keep your family healthy. If you haven’t got an air purifier for the house, it is definitely time to get one.

This air purifier buying guide will make it easy for you to choose the right product to cleanse the air around you. If you are ready to choose your air purifier, you can check our List of Popular Air Purifiers in India.


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