Here are the Causes of Blurry Photos and How to Avoid It

None of us are strangers to blurred and unclear photos. It is one of the most common problems among photographers. You might have caught yourself wondering why the photographs you click are blurred. However, did you know that there are some important causes of blurry photos in your camera? Once you understand what’s stop you from capturing sharp and gorgeous pictures, you can fix it easily. So, let’s take a look at the top causes of blurry photos and how to get rid of it.

Slow Shutter Speed

A slow shutter speed is one of the major causes of blurry photos. Even the smallest movement while holding the camera can cause blurry photos, especially if the shutter speed is slow. We often think that standing still holding a camera is easy, but it’s not. Moreover, the ideal shutter speed depends on the lens you are using. For a 60mm lens, the exposure should be 1/60th of a second or quicker. For a 200mm lens, the exposure should be 1/200th of a second or more. Follow this shutter speed to avoid unclear photographs.

Here are the Causes of Blurry Photos and How to Avoid It

Holding the Camera Incorrectly

Additionally, even if your camera’s shutter speed is perfect, your pictures will be blurred if you aren’t holding the camera properly. You need to learn how to hold and support the camera to avoid camera shake. Furthermore, you can hold the camera in place by raising it your eye level. Balance the weight of the lens with your left hand and use your right hand to operate and hold the camera. If this isn’t working out for you, you could always consider buying a tripod. There are various types of tripods that will help you capture the perfect picture without the hassle of moving.

Lens Aperture Too Small or Too Big

Understand that aperture plays a very important role in the kind of photograph you are trying to capture. When you are trying to capture a landscape shot, the depth of field is large which usually requires a small aperture. Similarly, when you are trying to focus on a particular thing while blurring the background, the depth of field is small and requires a wide aperture. So, the aperture could be one of the main causes of blurry photos.

Here are the Causes of Blurry Photos and How to Avoid It

Not Focusing on the Correct Place

Most of the latest DSLR cameras in India come with default auto-area AF (autofocus) setting. This lets the camera decide where in the frame it should focus on. However, if your subject is placed towards the edge, this auto-focus feature will cause blurry photos. To avoid focus being one of the main causes for blurry photos, make use of the single-point AF mode in the camera. This will let you determine and choose the focus point.

Here are the Causes of Blurry Photos and How to Avoid It

Dirty Lens

You may be doing everything right; you may even have all the necessary camera accessories. In spite of that, you may be stuck with blurred photos. Wondering why? It may be due to a dirty lens. You may not even realize it, but the camera lenses tend to mist up.  When you carry your camera from a humid environment to a cool one or the vice versa, you will see mist forming on the lens. Another reason for a dirty lens may be due to fingerprints. So, if your photos are coming out blurred, you may want to clean the lens.


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