Let the Music Play: 5 Best Smartphones for Music Enthusiasts

Finding a smartphone that offers great features, awesome specifications and an amazing camera is not so rare. Though, the one area in which most smartphone companies fall back is the music experience. We all enjoy listening to music, so why they fall back on audio is still a mystery to us. Do you enjoy your music sessions? Then you must be in search of smartphones for music enthusiast like yourself.

Well, we can help you in that regard. Here are the 5 best smartphones for music that you will take your audio experience to the next level. These smartphones for music can be a real treat for all audiophiles out there.

LG V30+

LG as a company has always focused on the audio experience. The LG V30+ features the latest Hi-Fi Quad DAC for improving the audio performance. Additionally, another benefit of this smartphone is the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

With this Android mobile, you can hear the most blissful sounds. Put together this smartphone with a pair of your favourite headphones and enjoy the ecstasy of music on your smartphone.

Let the Music Play: 5 Best Smartphones for Music Enthusiasts

HTC U11 Plus

The HTC 10 features the all-new Boom Sound tech with the innovative speaker configuration. There is a full range of speaker at the top of the device which is complemented by bottom-placed speakers. This speaker setup allows you to enjoy a miniature of woofer system.

The sound output is enhanced by a Bass-to-Treble Balancing software which provides surround sound experience by balancing the mids and highs without any noise or distortion. However, the only drawback on this phone is the lack of a headphone jack. Though, the smartphone makes up for it with an excellent adapter cable and high-quality DAC.

Vivo X21

The first smartphone in India with an in-display fingerprint scanner also is equipped with amazing audio and music features. The smartphone comes with a Hi-Fi AK4376A DAC along with a mono speaker placed at the bottom of the phone. For an immersive sound experience, the smartphone sports the Deepfield Sound Effect which improves bass, vocals and treble. Plus, Vivo X21 comes along with a Vivo EX710 earphone which is a good pick to enjoy top-notch music.

Let the Music Play: 5 Best Smartphones for Music Enthusiasts

Sony Xperia XZ2

When Sony Xperia smartphones made their debut, they were instantly recognized for their amazing audio quality. Moreover, even today Sony mobiles are much ahead of their competitors in terms of audio performance. Even with Sony Xperia XZ2, the company has maintained high-resolution audio. However, Sony has joined the wireless club and has ditched the headphone jack on the smartphone.

So with no headphone jack, you will have to use a wireless headphone or opt for an adapter. Additionally, the smartphone comes with a feature namely ‘Dynamic Vibration System’. With this feature, the phone will vibrate along with the music.

Let the Music Play: 5 Best Smartphones for Music Enthusiasts

Apple iPhone X

If you love Apple devices and music, then iPhone X is one of the best smartphones for music enthusiasts like you. The exotic build, design, great display, and good audio performance make Apple iPhone X the best iPhone ever.

As for the audio performance, the smartphone is equipped with balanced and loud dual drivers. Though the smartphone does not have a headphone jack, the wireless headphones are provided with DAC. The sound quality on iPhone X remains amazing with and without plugging in the Bluetooth headphones.


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