Some of the Best Alternatives to PUBG to Play on Your Smartphone

The mobile phone gaming trend in India has been taken over by games like PUBG and Fortnite. Since these games made their way to India, they have garnered massive popularity. There’s a very small chance that you or your friends are not already addicted to PUBG or Fortnite. These games come with super-intensive and immersive graphics, which also require some of the best smartphones for playing PUBG. Since its launch, PUBG has become the topmost trending game in the country where players battle it out to win the ‘Chicken Dinner’. However, if you are seeking to try out another game in a similar genre, we can help.

Our list of alternative games like PUBG includes some of the best shooting games which are equally fun and equally addictive to play. These alternative games offer a similar game play like the very popular Player Unknown’s battleground, and they are sure to satisfy the gamer in you. Before taking a look at our list of similar games like PUBG, remember that these are immersive and intensive games which require a powerful device. 6GB RAM mobile phones or above can handle all these games with ease. Moving on, here is a look at some of the alternative games like PUBG.

#1 Alternative Games like PUBG: Rules of Survival

Alternative Games like PUBG to Play on Android and iOS

If you liked playing PUBG, then Rules of Survival is a game that you will most definitely enjoy. The PC version of this game is widely popular and offers an amazing game play on the latest gaming laptops. However, even the mobile version is gaining a lot of attention in recent times. The concept of the game is pretty similar to PUBG where the main goal is to be the last man/woman standing among all the other 120 players. Additionally, players get the choice to play this game in solo mode, in dual mode or even play as a squad. It offers a great fair play in an HD map and a wide range of firearms and accessories to choose from.

#2 Alternative Games like PUBG: Free Fire – Battlegrounds

Alternative Games like PUBG to Play on Android and iOS

Fighting it out on a large platform with too many players is not your cup of tea? Then the Free Fire – Battleground is a game you must try. In this game, you just have to battle it out with 49 other players in the time span of 10 minutes. It is a quick and intense game that tests your gaming skills. Moreover, the game is easy to understand and navigate through. Furthermore, unlike other games, understanding the map and finding weapons is considerably easier with Free Fire – Battleground.

#3 Alternative Games like PUBG: Battle Royal Strike Survival

Alternative Games like PUBG to Play on Android and iOS

Did you enjoy playing counter 1.6 back in the day? Then you are sure to love this game. It is a survival fps game which allows you to create your own squad before you get onto the battlefield. Interestingly, the game will allow you to create your very own battle ops royal room and play with 30 other players. Players are offered up to 21 new battleground maps. Moreover, this game does not drain your smartphone battery as quickly as PUBG. So, for people without big battery mobile phones, Battle Royal Strike Survival is the perfect alternative.

#4 Alternative Games like PUBG: Pixel’s Unknown BattleGround

Alternative Games like PUBG to Play on Android and iOS

If you want a change from the classic PUBG theme, then give Pixel’s Unknown Battleground a chance. This game is designed for people who enjoyed the pixel-style Minecraft games. You are sure to feel nostalgic playing this game while your block figure shoots down the enemies. Players get the choice to shoot with a Pixel Gun, AK, multiple-barrel and many other interesting weapons. Instead of direction buttons, users will be able to navigate by tapping on the screen. What’s the concept of the game? You drop in, look for weapons, shoot other players, and survive the longest. It is a pretty decent alternative to the very popular.

#5 Alternative Games like PUBG: Survival Royale

Alternative Games like PUBG to Play on Android and iOS

This game is designed and created by the makers of ‘Rules of Survival’. But when it comes to an amazing gaming experience, Survival Royale deserves a lot of appreciation. The moment you start playing this game, you will notice the uncanny resemblance from PUBG. This game offers impressive graphics, amazing controls and great live action-packed combat. However, the gaming controls on the screen are pretty small and can get difficult to use. The only objective of this game is like all of the others mentioned above – get rid of as many players possible to be the last one standing.


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