12 Best Gaming Chairs in India [UPDATED Feb 2022]

Gaming is one of the most enjoyable activities, and we have all participated in it at some point. It encompasses everything from console gaming to Play Station to gaming on a computer. Most of us are so engrossed in gaming that we have equipment on hand to ensure that we don’t miss even the tiniest detail. We all know how long it takes to finish a game, whether it’s Counter-Strike, Fortnite, or Call of Duty.

We sometimes neglect the most crucial aspect of PC and console gaming, which is our posture, in the midst of all of this. These games, as we all know, have extended periods, and you don’t want your body to suffer the effects of your enjoyment. As a result, you should take this seriously and invest in a fantastic gaming chair.

Gaming chairs are designed to keep your body in good shape during long gaming sessions. It offers you the necessary support and comfort, allowing you to enjoy gaming even more. Let’s look at the type of chairs available online.

List Of The Best Gaming Chair In India

Product Average User Rating Best Price
HP OMEN Citadel Gaming Chair 4.7 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in
Green Soul Beast Series Fabric and PU Leather Gaming/Ergonomic Chair 4.4 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in
CELLBELL Ergonomic Chair 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in
Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair 4.6 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in
Sunon Massage Gaming Chair 3.8 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in
Kepler Brooks Italia Leatherette High Back Reclining Desk Chair 4.4 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in
Green Soul Multi-Functional Gaming Chair 4.6 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in
Sunon Gaming Chair 3.6 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in
Green Soul Beast Series Gaming Chair 4.4 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair 4.7 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in NUBZONE RCX7-BUMBLEBEE Gaming Chair 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in MRC EXECUTIVE Predator Gaming Chair 3.9 out of 5.0 stars Buy on Amazon.in

Types of Gaming Chairs

1) Gaming Chair for Video Games

Gaming has become a popular pastime among most youths and adults. Every year, a slew of new video games are released that pique people’s interest. However, before you start gaming, you should pay attention to your spinal cord’s health. As a result, you have a variety of video gaming seats designed specifically to provide you with the necessary support throughout your gaming experience. Armrests, backrests, and proper cushioning are all included in these gaming seats to give back support.

2) Recliner Gaming Chairs

The majority of gaming chairs are designed to give you enough support to allow your body to rest comfortably throughout long gaming sessions. Gaming chairs that recline, on the other hand, can provide customized support. These chairs’ backrests may be moved back and forth to suit your comfort needs. You may sit back and relax while the chair adjusts to your need. These seats are ideal for folks who prefer to sit back and watch a game while they are not participating in it. These chairs are lightweight and easy to maneuver, with good back and neck support.

3) Console for Gaming Chair

If you enjoy console gaming, you should look into a console gaming chair or console gaming seats. Console gaming is distinct from other types of gaming for which you have to be near the console to enjoy the game. As a result, regular chairs may be uncomfortable, and you may find yourself spending more time adapting to the screen than actually playing the game.

4) Gaming chair with a High Back

A high-back gaming chair is ideal for folks who spend a lot of time doing things like work and studying in addition to gaming. Most of us prefer to have a specific location where we may study, work, or play games, and we spend our time there. However, if you do not have a good seated position, you will get back and neck problems. This is where the gaming chair with a high back comes into play. The high-back gaming seats provide extra support for your back and neck, allowing you to maintain your posture while watching the show.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Right Gaming Chair


A large gaming console or system necessitates an equally luxurious and attractive gaming chair. What better way to display wealth and elegance than with a leather gaming chair? It’s simple to clean, maintain, and keep clean. It’s also water-resistant and quite comfortable.


Gaming chairs are available in a variety of colors. Colors add to the fanciness of the whole environment and the gaming experience. The most common colors are a red gaming chair, an orange gaming chair, a black gaming chair, dark grey, or a blue gaming chair. You can match it up with your colorful computer keyboard, headphones, and other accessories. You may get these chairs at low gaming chair prices to be on-trend while also keeping your wallet light.


Unless you get good back support and leg support, your gaming experience will be dreadful. One important feature in choosing gaming chairs is the height of the chair. For instance, <180 cm height of gaming chair is feasible for boys or girls having a height of 6’ or less while 180 – 208 cm is for height 6’ and above. Look for proper cushioning on the chairs that offer comfortable support to your back, head, neck, arms, elbows, knees, and legs. Consider these elements before buying them.

Technology for Comfort

You’ll always have a starting point to align the rest of your body around with a stable posture grounded by the gaming chair’s ergonomic lumbar support system—a fully adjustable design that reinforces your lower back in a way that is fixed backrests and one-size-fits-all pillows can never achieve. After you’ve established your lumbar support, you can use the chair’s adjustable height, backrest, and armrests to fine-tune the rest of your posture. This has three major advantages:

  • Consistent execution resulting from a highly repeatable sitting position
  • Maximum responsiveness resulting from adopting optimum mouse and keyboard arm positions
  • Longer peak performance is maintained by proper posture, which reduces aches and strains
  • Accessories

    Accessories are always for a fun and luxurious gaming experience. These accessories include a head cushion, lumbar cushion, floor rug, etc.

  • Head Cushion is comprised of thick memory foam for comfort and to provide natural, posture-perfect stability when used with a gaming chair.
  • Lumbar Cushion improves the ergonomics of your chair by keeping your spine neutral and providing the proper blend of support and comfort for an optimal seated experience. The Lumbar Cushion is designed for all-day support and helps you simply maintain a good posture with an appropriate angle for your lower back to rest upon.
  • The Floor Rug protects your gaming chair and floor from slips or movement. Generally constructed of plush, durable fabric that’s suited for daily usage and muffles noise from chair casters. You can choose from a soft velour polyester fabric that feels amazing underfoot and keeps your feet warm and cozy throughout gaming sessions.
  • Top 12 Gaming Chairs

    1. HP OMEN Citadel Gaming Chair

    HP OMEN Citadel Gaming Chair

    HP, or Hewlett-Packard Company, is a software and computer services company based in the United States. The firm made a name for itself as a manufacturer of advanced instruments. Omen by HP was created specifically to cover the gaming industry. It makes gaming chairs, gaming seats, gaming computers, gaming accessories, and a variety of other products. Omen’s gaming chair boasts an ergonomic design that is a great blend of aesthetics and comfort. The chair includes a cushioned headrest and ventilation windows. It boasts a supportive design with a large seat, extra-thick cushions, and a high back for optimal posture when gaming. To establish your ideal playing position, rotate and adjust the armrests up and down, front to back, and side to side.

    • Dimensions: 143D x 62W x 59H cm
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Weight: 136 Kilograms
    • Item Weight: 0.74 Kilograms
    • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
    • Special Feature: Arm_Rest
    • Size: 75 x 190 cm
    • Spacious seat
    • Extra-thick cushions
    • High-back for better posture
    • Armrests with four adjustable positions help you find the most comfortable position for your arms.
    • Rotate and adjust the armrests up and down, front to back, and side to side for a perfect position
    • Good fabric chair to not smell during summers due to sweat
    • The armrests are a tad too slick. The armrest may be tilted in or out, however, it does not lock

    2. Green Soul Beast Series Fabric and PU Leather Gaming/Ergonomic Chair

    Green Soul Beast Series Fabric and PU Leather Gaming/Ergonomic Chair

    Stellar International is demonstrating a pervasive lifestyle shift around the world by introducing new goods and categories in the furniture business, as well as many others. Gaming chairs are an example of a product that was already available but has exploded in popularity. They also have everything a furniture store or retail chain requires, including Desks, Workstations, Storage, Ergonomic Chairs, and more.

    The lifting function of the Pulse gaming chair can change the most appropriate chair height based on the user’s height and the height of the desk. This chair features a heavy-duty mechanism that is best in class, and the fabric upholstery with red stitching gives it a luxurious and athletic look. These heavy-duty castor wheels are engineered to support heavy loads while rolling smoothly over the floor.

    • Item Weight: 50 kg 
    • Dimensions:47 x 73 x 122 cm
    • Warranty: 3-year manufacturing warranty
    • Mechanism: Butterfly mechanism
    • Manufacturer: Green Soul
    • Form Factor: Upholstered
    • Material: Fabric Pu Leather
    • Back Style: Solid Back
    • 3 years manufacturing warranty
    • Breathable fabric and PU leather
    • 70% of the ratings are five stars. 
    • Complaints regarding the after-sales service

    3. CELLBELL Ergonomic Chair

    CELLBELL Ergonomic Chair

    CELLBELL is committed to producing the greatest gaming chair with a huge seat surface for long gaming sessions! It’s ideal for gamers and folks who have to sit for 10-12 hours at a time at work. This gaming chair has a big seat that will improve your sitting experience by making it comfier. The gaming chairs are height adjustable, have a removable headrest, and are composed of ultra-durable PU leather for sumptuous comfort and ergonomic benefits. You can vary the height up to 7cm and the backrest angle from 90° to 155° depending on your needs. The cell bell gaming chair is very simple and quick to assemble, making it a DIY project. The box includes all of the necessary instructions for unpacking and setting up the chair for easy understanding. The gaming chair is capable of supporting up to 120 kg of weight. The gaming chair has lumbar support, that not just offers back support, but also provides a professional appearance.

    • Warranty: 1 year of manufacturing warranty
    • Item Weight: 19 kg 
    • Dimensions:9 x 73.7 x 137.2 cm
    • Form Factor: Recliner
    • Material: Metal
    • Back Style: Cushion
    • Features like lumbar support, headrest and adjustable armrest make it perfect to avoid body pain.
    • Large seat for comfortable sitting
    • One year warranty
    • Maybe unstable at times

    4. Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Green Soul’s Monster Ultimate series is another gaming chair on the list. These gaming chairs were created with ergonomics in mind and are suited for daily use for lengthy periods. In many ways, this is Green Soul’s ultimate series, with unique characteristics that ensure you don’t get fatigued even after playing for lengthy periods. This Green Soul gaming chair also comes with a three-year warranty and is ideal for users up to 5″ 10″ (178 cm) in height. Because of the soft, breathable fabric, the monster gaming chairs have a premium appearance. Apart from the aesthetics, it also helps to provide optimum ventilation on your back, resulting in a more relaxed and comfortable sitting experience.

    • Dimensions: 50 x 71 x 133 cm
    • Mechanism: Deer mechanism
    • Manufacturer: Green Soul
    • Form Factor: Recliner
    • Material: Metal
    • Back Style: Cushion
    • 3 years warranty on manufacturing 
    • 75% Heavy Duty Professional Gaming Chair.
    • 5-star rating as a near-perfect product as per customer satisfaction
    • The size of this chair is not suitable for those above 5ft 10”

    5.Sunon Massage Gaming Chair

    Sunon Massage Gaming Chair

    The deep bucket seat and high back padded with a high-density moulding sponge on this chair will fit your body curve and provide you with a lot of incredible comforts. When playing computer games, the attractive design makes you feel like you’re in a race seat. You’ll also feel more liberated thanks to the adjustable PU padded armrests. You can easily play your favourite games at home or work at your workplace all day with this ergonomic computer chair. This gaming chair’s height may be adjusted from 126 cm to 135.5 cm to accommodate various gaming desk heights and body sizes.

    • Item Weight: 5 kg 
    • Dimensions:99 x 65.99 x 31.98 cm
    • Mechanism: Swivel
    • Manufacturer: ZHANG
    • Material: Leather
    • Frame Material: Nylon
    • PVC Leather and Nylon 5-stars Leg
    • The massage function for the lumbar support
    • Adjustable  backrest from 90-150 degrees
    • Assembling problem
    • Warranty not given

    6. Kepler Brooks Italia Leatherette High Back Reclining Desk Chair

     Kepler Brooks Italia Leatherette High Back Reclining Desk Chair

    This gaming chair’s soft-touch, breathable high-grade PU Leather upholstery has a natural matte finish and a streamlined appearance. The supportive double-layer cushion offers a snug comfortable fit to target the lumbar region, legs, arms, head, back to make the long sitting hours a breeze. The padded armrest keeps your arms from becoming fatigued. It has a sturdy base and a Class 4 Piston with a 360-degree swivel and 5 robust casters for firm support and simple mobility. With built-in height adjustment and leg rest, it allows for tailoring the seating experience to preferences. This gaming chair has a fold-away footrest that makes it easy to store when not in use.

    • Warranty: 3 years
    • Item Weight: 29 kg 
    • Dimensions: 111X53X55 cm
    • Mechanism:Adjustable lock mechanism
    • Manufacturer: Kepler Brook
    • Colour: Brown
    • Form Factor: Recliner
    • Material: Faux Leather
    • Back Style: High Back 
    • Easy to assemble
    • Value for money
    • Solid back support
    • Footrest is fragile
    • Horizontal rods make the seating uncomfortable
    • The Rexene fabric could tear

    7. Green Soul Multi-Functional Gaming Chair

     Green Soul Multi-Functional Gaming Chair

    Green Soul collaborates with the most forward-thinking manufacturers to bring you a one-of-a-kind collection of world-class seating. Green Soul collaborates with exclusive manufacturing partners to create task chairs that provide maximum support while allowing for dynamic mobility. The seating is simple to use and adjust in order to get the ideal posture for the individual. No one loves to stay consistent in their job, whether they are a gamer or a professional; everyone wants to push their boundaries and limits in order to progress in life. Similarly Green Soul couldn’t stop at Monster and Monster Pro; they pushed their boundaries and went above and beyond to provide the Ultimate Version of the Monster Series Ergonomic Chair – The Monster Ultimate “T” series with unrivalled comfort and incredible features.

    • Suitable for Height:- 5ft.8″ to 6ft.5″ (172-196cms)
    • More breathable and luxurious fabric
    • Internal Frame Material: Metal
    • Frame Size: Large
    • Upholstery Material: Spandex Fabric + PU Leather
    • Neck/Head Pillow: Yes (Velour Material)
    • Lumbar Pillow: Yes (Made of Memory Foam & Upholstery – Velour Material)
    • Foam Type: Seat made of Moulded Foam
    • Color: Black & Red
    • Mechanism Type: Newly Engineered Frog Mechanism
    • Any Position Lock Available: Yes
    • Rocking Range: Approx 15 Degree
    • Adjustable Backrest Angle: 90-180 Degrees
    • Gas Lift: Class 4
    • Base: Heavy Duty Metal Base
    • Caster Wheel Size: 60mm Dual Caster Wheels
    • It comes with a breathable premium soft fabric allows air-flow that provides a cool and comfortable sitting position & keeps the air flowing on your back for enhanced air circulation
    • Prevents heat build-up
    • Adjustable neck 
    • 4 dimensional armrest
    • Lumbar pillow for back support
    • Tedious assembly setup
    • No safety lock at the back
    • Small armrest

    8. Sunon Gaming Chair

    Sunon Gaming Chair

    Sunon is one of the largest privately held workplace furniture companies in the United States. Sunon has evolved into an international firm dedicated to building better workplaces that promote performance and client success, ranging from wood furniture creation to machine production. This gaming chair features a swivel chair with a race car seat design. With instructions and accessories, this racing gaming chair is simple to put together. It’s the ideal chair for gamers, but it’s also ideal for office employees who want to be more comfortable at work. Your favorite piece of furniture will be the ergonomic computer chair with the high-density memory foam seat, the high backrest, and the flexible armrests.

    • Material: PVC Leather and Nylon 5-stars Leg
    • Gas lift: Class-3
    • Dimension: 63.5 x 56 x (122-130) cm
    • Weight:17.5 Kg
    • Maximum weight capacity: 250 lbs
    • Footrest for a rest and Lumbar cushion with massage function by using USB connection
    • Comfortable Chair Backrest
    • Detachable headrest pillow
    • Detachable lumbar support
    • The footrest can be freely stretched and retracted as you want
    • Wear resistant and easy to clean
    • Low height of the chair
    • Makes one sweat because of fabric

    9. Green Soul Beast Series Gaming Chair

     Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Green Soul collaborates with the most forward-thinking manufacturers to bring you a one-of-a-kind collection of world-class seating. Green Soul collaborates with exclusive manufacturing partners to create task chairs that provide maximum support while allowing for dynamic mobility. The seating is simple to use and adjust in order to get the ideal posture for the individual. Green Soul creates gaming chairs that provide maximum support while encouraging dynamic movement. Their seating is intuitive and simple to adjust in order to achieve the best posture for the individual. Their range of beast series provides 3 dimensional support to the body during gaming or office work.

    • Internal frame material: Metal, Upholstery
    • Cover: Fabric & PU Leather
    • Color: Black & Grey
    • Breathable soft fabric allows air-flow
    • Adjustable 3D armrest
    • Size: Medium
    • Maximum weight capacity: 120 kgs
    • Height Suitability: 5ft – 5ft.10″ (152-178cms)
    • More breathable than a leather chair
    • Air flow technology provides a cool and comfortable sitting position & keeps the air flowing on your back for enhanced air circulation
    • Prevents heat build-up
    • Wider and Thicker Armrests with Ergonomic shape can be adjusted in 3 Dimensions which is – Height adjustment, Angle adjustment and Forth-Back adjustment
    • Tedious assembly setup
    • No safety lock at the back
    • Small armrest

    10. Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

    Sunon Gaming Chair

    Drogo gaming chair is a multi-purpose gaming chair that can be used for gaming, home, or office purposes. It has a 7-way adjustable seat for utmost comfort. It is made up of mesh fabric. It has a head & lumbar pillow for giving full support to the body. It’s full reclining back & footrest makes life easy in moving around.

    • USB cable power supply massager that can drive by a USB port on computer, car, power switch or even power bank
    • Vintage leather style appeal
    • 360° swivel and smooth racing caster wheels for mobility; 90°-180° reclining for working, gaming, reading or napping
    • 20° controllable rocking and retractable footrest for relaxing; Adjustable seat height, 158 KG capacity
    • Head pillow and lumbar pillow for all body shapes
    • Winged back provides multi-point body contact to share the pressure
    • Bucket seat design
    • Thinner the side wings frame with softer filling
    • Alloy frame covered in quality hand sewing PU leather and 10 inches high density foam for comfy
    • Upgraded LANT gas cylinder and mechanism ensure the use age of the chair
    • Sturdy construction
    • Ergonomic back and massage support
    • 360 degree swivel
    • USB power supply massager for automatic recharging
    • No bad reviews from customers

    11. NUBZONE RCX7-BUMBLEBEE Gaming Chair


    The NUBZONE RCX7 is ideal for professional gamers, streamers, and anyone who spends a lot of time on a computer. This swiveling gaming chair is a fully adjustable throne for the most discerning gamers. NUBZONE RCX7 is ready for war, with a steel frame, high-quality components for added durability, and plenty of choices to fine-tune it to your demands.

    • RCX7’s armrests allow you to adjust them in four different ways, three dimensions and eight directions: 1. Backwards/Forwards Adjustment comfortable resting of elbow, forearm and arm. 2. Left/Right Turning Ideal for keeping the armrests available, no matter which position you adopt. 3. Height Adjustment Moving the armrest up or down will help you to find the most suitable position to enjoy games. 4. Left/Right Adjustment.
    • RCX7’s bones are made up of steel
    • 4D Adjustable armrest
    • 5 seat adjustment options
    • Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder
    • Recline up to 160º
    • Its steel body guarantees long-term durability and strong support for the body
    • Tilting function allows you to adjust its behavior, controlling the level of resistance when you tilt it
    • Armrests allow you to adjust them in five different ways, four dimensions, and ten directions
    • No bad reviews from customers

    12. MRC EXECUTIVE Predator Gaming Chair

    MRC EXECUTIVE Predator Gaming Chair

    MRC Gaming Chairs manufactures an extensive line of executive chairs, gaming chairs, office seats, and cafeteria chairs. It has evolved in magnitude and scale in such a short period of time due to its devotion to quality, innovation, and unwavering resolve. Their gaming chair excels in the areas that matter most: performance, style, and longevity. Crafted and developed for individuals who spend six or more hours each day in their chair, this model features a tech-savvy design to boost productivity and optimal comfort with a highly ergonomically constructed. This gaming chair may be easily customized to fit practically any user. While sitting, the PU leather material provides comfort to the user. The high-back design provides support to the entire back and neck region. The five-star foundation of the gaming chair has a 360-degree swivel.

    • Dimensions: 53D x 68W x 127H Centimeters
    • Furniture base movement: Swivel
    • Material: Metal
    • Weight: 15 kg
    • Back style: Adjustable
    • Upholstery cover: Fabric & PU Leather
    • Included components: Assembled chair, stand with hydraulic and wheel
    • Provides excellent lumbar support, 360-degree swivel choices for easy mobility, and pneumatic height adjustments
    • A 180-degree reclining angle might be useful for periodically leaning back to relax.
    • The pace and ease of reclining are controlled by the awesome tilt tension knob seat.
    • Fiber stand with caster nylon wheels, suited for hard floors, carpets, and other surfaces, no noise when swiveling, and will not scrape the floor’s surface.
    • The adjustable head and neck rest cushion provides relaxation when working for an extended period of time.
    • Plastic wheelbase
    • Sweating in summer due to faux leather

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Which gaming chair is better: a reclining gaming chair or a high-back gaming chair?

    Both of these gaming seats are ideal for long gaming sessions. The unique comfort of a reclining gaming chair allows you to relax and unwind. A high back gaming chair, on the other hand, is ideal for providing all-around back and neck support.

    2) Can we use these gaming chairs for people having chronic pains?

    Yes. We recommend using these chairs for people who suffer back and shoulder pain, especially YouTube gamers who spend long hours in gaming rooms.

    3) Which other places I can use these gaming chairs?

    You can use it when you are working for longer hours in the office, at home, in the luxury lounges and waiting rooms.


    Gaming chairs can be costly, but if you’re a gamer who spends a lot of time in front of the console or computer, you might want to invest in one for comfort. A player can cherry-pick the greatest option from the many possibilities accessible on Amazon and enjoy it. A regular chair, on the other hand, may cause you to suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain for the rest of your life. As a result, purchasing a gaming chair from one of the above selections will be a wise investment for health.


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