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    Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission

    • We welcome all good writers to contribute to our site. We crave for good quality articles.
    • Our platform is open to share your expertise on topics related to gadgets and technology. Please go through our blog page so that you understand what exactly we are looking for.
    • The article should contain minimum 600 words.
    • You can add relevant images for your content. The ideal size for our blog image is 702×508 pixels. However, the images should be original and not infringe any Copyrights. Pricekart.com does not take any responsibility of copyrights concerned with guest authors.
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    • We won’t entertain any kind of promotional posts.

    Teams and Conditions:

    • By submitting an article to Pricekart.com, the writer represents and guarantees that the article is:
    • Writers’ original work
    • Not owned by any third party
    • Accurate
    • Not been obtained by unlawful means
    • Not been previously published in any manner or medium, specifically including, but not limited to, print or electronic means,
    • The publishing of the article by Pricekart.com will not violate any copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party.

    Also, all the content during the tenure will be owned by us and cannot be used or reproduced by the writer. The writer will not be able to use the content for any third party. Also, make sure that any submitted/published article is not republished on any other sites or any media platform with the writers name; it should only be published by crediting Pricekart.com.

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