Game of Thrones: Smartphones Westerosis Would Use in Our Time

We have been hooked onto the world of Westeros since the first season of Game of Thrones released in 2011. For a GoT fan, the craze for this medieval fantasy goes beyond just watching it. We fans are always on the lookout for the smallest bit of news related to our favourite series. However, the final season of GoT is still months away from us. To spice things a bit, what if we imagine our Westerosi characters living in our current generation?

Well, I for one cannot imagine the mother of dragons driving a car instead of riding her dragon to get to places. Nevertheless, if these characters did exist in our day and age, what smartphone do you think they would flaunt around? Moreover, every character in the show has such a unique and remarkable personality. When you think of buying a new phone, you should consider choosing a smartphone that suits your personality. So, based on that, here are the smartphones Game of Thrones characters must consider for themselves.

P.S – For fans who haven’t completed all seasons, we will try to maintain spoilers to a minimum *wink*.

Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones: Smartphones Westerosis Would Use in Our Time

The mother of dragons has not always had it easy. Her journey from being a naïve young girl to the mother of dragons and Khaleesi has been a captivating and inspiring storyline to watch. Daenerys truly has got it all. She rules in style, she is bold and her spirit is not easily broken. It’s because of her that the world saw not one, but three dragons after centuries.

For the mother of dragons, the Huawei P20 Pro is the perfect match. Wondering why? Well, Huawei P20 Pro is the world’s first smartphone to come with a triple camera setup. Relates to Dany and her three dragons, right? Additionally, the smartphone is stylish, bold and chic just like her character. She would most definitely rock the smartphone.

Cersei Lannister

Game of Thrones: Smartphones Westerosis Would Use in Our Time

If we are talking about queens, how can we not mention the evil Cersei Lannister? The law to play fair does not exist in her rulebook. Well, I doubt if Cersei has even seen a rulebook in all her life. She likes to play strategically and she makes sure to win. Born into the richest family of Westeros, Cersei deserves a phone that will flaunt her regal status.

The iPhone 8 Plus Gold variant is just the phone for her! iPhone defines all things classy and sophisticated. The brand has made a place for itself in the smartphone market and there is no phone that can overthrow its reign, much like our very own Cersei Lannister.

Jon Snow

Game of Thrones: Smartphones Westerosis Would Use in Our Time

From being a steward to the Lord Commander of the Wall and finally the King in the North, Jon Snow has become one of our most beloved characters on Game of Thrones. Despite the games and deceptions, Jon Snow has remained one of the most honest, loyal and honourable characters. And there’s no questioning his honour, the man did take a lot of knives to his heart for it.

For a man like Jon Snow, we will recommend the Google Pixel 2 XL. Are you wondering how the two are common? For one, Google has been one of the most trusted and reputable brands we can rely on any given day. Next, just like Snow’s full-fledged expertise in the battlefield, the Pixel smartphone has battled with other major flagships and is still standing strong. Pretty relatable, uh? Moreover, the smartphone will precisely match with Jon’s brooding look.

Arya Stark

Game of Thrones: Smartphones Westerosis Would Use in Our Time

Who would have thought that Arya Stark would become one of the strongest characters in Westeros? To be fair, Arya definitely had that spark in her from the beginning. In a medieval time where women were expected to be shy and homely, Arya proved that girls can be strong and independent.

If Arya were to live in our time, then the rugged smartphone Moto Z2 force would suit her precisely. The smartphone comes with the shatterproof protection. This means that you can drop this smartphone face-first and it will survive without a single scratch. The smartphone is known for its virtually unbreakable display and the ability to survive in harsh environments. Seems like, this smartphone was designed for Arya.

Tyrion Lannister

Game of Thrones: Smartphones Westerosis Would Use in Our Time

An absolute favourite Game of Thrones character will always be – Tyrion of House Lannister. He is clever, witty and a complete charmer. Tyrion is known for his inclination for flamboyance and showmanship. However, he also has a knack for making existing situations better. Maybe, that’s why our intellectual friend now serves as the ‘Hand of the Queen’.

OnePlus 6 will suit his personality aptly. The company is known for designing amazing smartphones. OnePlus smartphones are not designed to bring anything new but to do everything better with the existing technology. OnePlus smartphones feature amazing performance, usability and software. The Queen’s hand does deserve an extravagant phone, right?

Lord Varys

Game of Thrones: Smartphones Westerosis Would Use in Our Time

Lord Varys is a character who would be an absolute delight to watch in our current day and age. He is master and keeper of secrets and whispers. Furthermore, he is also known as the ‘spider’, for he has spies (a.k.a sparrows) everywhere in the seven kingdoms. Game of Thrones would be truly incomplete without him.

Lord Varys would look good carrying around a Blackberry KEYone smartphone. The smartphone has retained its classic Blackberry keyboard and has also incorporated a touchscreen. With this phone, one can enjoy the best of both worlds. The smartphone will definitely help Varys increase his network of spies and sparrows.

The Mountain

Game of Thrones: Smartphones Westerosis Would Use in Our Time

Ser Gregor Clegane also famously known as ‘The Mountain’ (now turned into a zombie) is the strongest man in Westeros. Him coming back to life is proof that nothing can destroy this beast. A man with such unbeatable strength deserves a Nokia smartphone. Suggesting Nokia 3310 will be a little too biased for our time. But, that phone truly deserves the ‘unbreakable’ title.

Instead, we would suggest Ser Clegane with Nokia 8 Sirocco. After a long gap, Nokia finally made its appearance in the smartphone market with stronger and better flagship smartphones. The situation is pretty similar to the mountain who made a stronger comeback after his battle with Oberyn Martell in the Game of Thrones.

There we are! At the end of our list of smartphones that Game of Thrones characters would own in our time. Don’t you wish that these characters actually lived in the age of technology? It would be interesting to watch them with added power. Stay updated with us for more such interesting news and topics.



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