Give Your House a Modern Makeover with These Essential Home Appliances

Home appliances have legit made our lives easier and comfortable. These home appliances play a very important role in keeping our house functioning and running at all times. With so many appliances available in the market and the world moving towards a modern approach, it is vital to upgrade your house with modern appliances. If you are moving into a new house or are planning to renovate your existing place, then there are certain must-have home appliances you need to own. These home appliances will keep your house running smoothly at all times. We have picked seven must-have home appliances that will give your house a modern makeover.

Before we take a look at these appliances, here are some tips to consider before shopping for a new appliance for your house. Take a look!

Read Reviews: It is absolutely imperative to read through reviews before you invest in a new home appliance. An appliance available at a low cost is not necessarily a good deal. Read the reviews first, and if you come across a lot of negative reviews, look for better options.

Opt for Online: Offline stores do not have the space to display all their products; which can cause you to miss out on a few products. Online stores have all the products listed on one roof with the specs, features, ratings and price, listed together. Also, this makes it convenient to shop!

Compare: While shopping it is always advised to compare before you click on ‘buy’. Compare prices, specs, features, to make a wise shopping decision. Price comparison websites have made it easier to compare products in a single place. For instance, you are planning to a new smartphone, instead of visiting multiple websites; you can compare mobile phones on a price comparison websites.

Star Rating: Every home appliance comes with a star rating ranging from one to five stars. Appliances with five stars offer the highest energy efficiency and appliances with one-star rating offer low energy efficiency. It is always better to pick an appliance with more number of star ratings.

Deals & Offers: Before making a buying decision make sure that you check out the latest deals and offers. Some deals and offers can help you save a lot of money.

Top 7 Must-Have Home Appliances

5 Star Rating Refrigerators

Must-Have Home Appliances That Every Modern House Needs

Refrigerators are the heart of a kitchen; they keep the entire house running. Refrigerators are meant for storing fruits, vegetables and lots of other kitchen ingredients to keep them fresh. It can keep things fresh for days which will save you from the everyday trip to the market. In this day and age, it is absolutely necessary to own a refrigerator with a 5-star rating. 5 Star Rating Refrigerators ensure are energy efficient and ensure that you do not end up paying high electricity bills. Additionally, you can opt for the triple door, side by side or French door which are the top trending refrigerators in India.

Smart Televisions

Must-Have Home Appliances That Every Modern House Needs

With the changing times and ever-evolving technology, even televisions have changed over time. They are one of the most important sources of home entertainment. Unlike traditional TVs, Smart TVs can be connected to your smartphone or the internet. Browsing the web and watching your favourite series on Netflix has been made easier with these smart televisions. You can stream and watch online content, connect it to your smartphone, use it for office work, gaming and much more. Smart TVs are definitely a few of the must-have home appliances to own. You can grab some amazing Smart televisions below 20000.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Must-Have Home Appliances That Every Modern House Needs

It has become so imperative to own a washing machine these days. Washing clothes feels like an impossible task especially if you have a hectic lifestyle. Washing machines are designed to reduce your work and allow you the extra time to do other chores. If you are planning to get a washing machine, choose a fully automatic model. These machines are fully automatic and do not require any effort from your end. Automatic washing machines only come with a single tub that does all the washing and the drying. On the other end, semi-automatic washing machines consist of two tubs. One tub does all the washing and the other tub is dedicated to drying the clothes. Furthermore, you will have to manually transfer all the clothes from one tub to the other, which is a time-consuming task.

5 Star Rating Air Conditioners

Must-Have Home Appliances That Every Modern House Needs

Surviving through the summer months especially in India is legit, not comfortable. The summer months bring in scorching heat that makes it impossible to survive. An air conditioner is the perfect home appliance that will help you get through these summer months. You can choose from the various spilt air conditioners in India. Just like refrigerators, even air conditioners come with energy rating stars. Since buying an AC is a one-time investment, it is always advised to buy a product with high energy stars. 5-star rating air conditioners last for longer and do not consume too much energy.

Convection Microwave Ovens

Must-Have Home Appliances That Every Modern House Needs

Microwave ovens are a few of the other useful kitchen appliances that help us save time and energy. While microwave ovens are time-saving, it is important to pick the right product. A microwave easily lasts for 10 years, which is why convection models are ideal for the modern household. These microwaves support all the necessary functions like heating, cooking, grilling and baking. The grilling and baking functions can be combined or used independently on a convection microwave. On the other hand, solo and grill microwaves can perform only limited functions.

RO, UV and UF Technology Water Purifiers

Must-Have Home Appliances That Every Modern House Needs

Water purifiers have become some of the most important must-have home appliances in India. With the amount of pollution and industrialization contaminating our natural reserves, health and safety should be our main considerations. Water purifiers disinfect the water from all unwanted toxins making it pure and safe for us to consume. There are different types of water purifiers like – RO+UV, UV+UF, UF+RO. However, the best pick will be a universal water purifier which is a combination of RO+UV+UF. If you are buying a water purifier, then you know what to pick.

Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners

Must-Have Home Appliances That Every Modern House Needs

A lot of homes are in need of a vacuum cleaner. They are miraculous machines that suck up the dust and dirt from the floors and windows to keep it clean. There are different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. But, handheld vacuum cleaners can be easily held in one hand and they are helpful in reaching the painfully hard-to-reach areas that need urgent cleaning. Lastly, these handheld vacuum cleaners are not ideal for floor cleaning. If you want a model that can clean floors and carpets, then picking an upright vacuum cleaner would be an ideal choice.


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