Buy a Haier TV from Bajaj Finserv at No-cost EMI

For a brand that is relatively young in India, Haier is making a name for itself in the league of washing machines, refrigerators, and best of all, smart TVs. In 2018, it turned the market on its head by clocking net sales at 3,500 crore INR. Its primary sales include the smart TV market, with LED TVs being user-friendly with clever specs and features offered at affordable price points. What’s more, with its manufacturing plant near India’s industrial hub, Mumbai, the Pune plant manufactures TVs locally, enabling the company to keep prices low. With a ruthless commitment to quality, whether you buy Haier TV, Haier promises to provide consumers with durable sets that work well for years.


Not Just Another Chinese Brand

When Haier came into the Indian market, it didn’t want to be known for its Chinese roots, as the perception of all things Chinese, by Indians, was viewed as inferior. Wanting to change this notion, Haier didn’t initially market itself as a Chinese brand. The strategy to make its products — especially the Haier TV — lower-priced than the competition, but higher than affordable brands worked wonders for sales. As sales of Haier TVs began to gain momentum, consumers realized the brand’s adherence to the highest quality standards. Banking on the budget to mid-range tech-hungry consumers for sales of its affordable TVs, Haier is poised to offer TVs with the latest advancements at unbelievable prices.


Making Progress

In 2021, Haier announced the expansion of its Android LED TV Google-certified series. New additions to the Haier TVs include superb 4K picture quality in the K-series TVs. With screen sizes becoming larger in Haier TVs, ranging from 43-inch displays to 75-inch sets, you get new stunning bezel-less screens in slim packages. The inspiration for these TVs is IoT, and all 4K HDR televisions have Android 9.0 OS, with AI artfully installed to navigate and control connected devices in a single hub. At the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can buy any Haier TV from a wide range of options.


Haier and Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv, a reputable finance company has become a partner of Haier to bring consumers the best TVs on easy EMIs and flexible tenors. As a result, you can buy the latest Haier TV economically, as you don’t have to pay the entire amount upfront. You can choose to pay with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card if you have one, and avail alluring deals and offers.


How to Shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network

If you do have the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can follow these steps to get your desired Haier TV.

  • Walk into a Bajaj Finserv partner store
  • Pick a repayment tenor that you prefer (any period between 3 – 24 months)
  • Pay with your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card


You can use the EMI Network Card to purchase the 32 inch led tv of your choice at no-cost EMIs. What this implies is, you won’t have to pay any interest charges or processing fees on top of the EMI payments.


Haier TVs on Offer

You can select from any of the following popular models, ranging in sizes from a 32-inch LED TV to a 55-inch TV.

  • Haier Easy Connect 32-inch LED TV (LE32B9200WB) – This is a great first smart TV with smart share features, a USB port, stereo speakers for the most realistic sound effects and a digital Dolby decoder. With 20 watts of sound output, you get a near-surround sound immersive experience. Apart from the great sound, the picture quality matches with vibrant colour and clarity in every speck.
  • Haier Smart 32-inch LED TV (LE32K6500AG) – A superb smart TV in a compact size with features of some large-screen smart TVs, this TV works on Android v.7.0 OS smoothly. In the sound department, you get a digital Dolby decoder and fantastic sound. The picture quality on the bezel-less display is enviable, with the blackest blacks and LED backlighting working to its optimal best.
  • Haier Smart 40-inch LED TV (LE40K6500AG) – This TV has all the features of the above-mentioned TVs, and runs on Android v.7.0 OS. This is a Full HD TV and has a range of apps built-in, which makes it a smart TV that’s just the right mid-size for you.
  • Haier 4K Smart UHD 50-inch TV (LE50F9000UAP) – With 4K ultra high definition resolution, you get a 50-inch TV at a very affordable price. The TV is supported by USB 4K video, and comes with an impressive 3D digital comb filter. With picture quality that is unbeatable, this is a best-seller, giving you crisp images.
  • Haier 4K LED UHD 55-inch TV (LE55B9500U) – Digital noise reduction is a key feature of this Haier TV, besides the fact that you get unprecedented picture quality with unmatched vividness and brightness. Other features include mobile HD link or MHL, and you get the 4K feature through HDMI.


You can easily buy the TV of your choice at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, and pay for it in no-cost EMIs. With a range of models to pick from, you get additional benefits of limited-time deals and 24-hour free delivery.


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