Save Electricity, Pay Less: Smart Tips to Save Electricity at Home

Electricity bills are soaring high and our habits remain the same. We are so used to living a comfortable life that we forget that making a few changes could cut back on the electricity cost. A few simple tips to save electricity could a change in your monthly expenses. We are used to turning on the AC, fan, cooler and refrigerator in the summer months. Similarly, the cold months require appliances like heaters and geysers to keep us warm.

So, how are you going to cut back on your electricity? Well, it is simple. With a few smart tips to save electricity, you could bring down the cost and continue with the normal. Want to know how? Let’s take a look at the 7 smart tips to save electricity at home in India.

Stop Overcharging Your Smartphone and Gadgets

We tend to plug in our smartphone and laptop for charge and forget to unplug them when they are fully charged. Well, this habit is not good for your gadgets and your electricity bill. With the fast charging technology growing rapidly, there isn’t the need to charge your gadgets overnight. Overcharging will only end up consuming a lot of power and spoiling your phone’s battery. Moreover, overcharging is one of the top things you should avoid while charging your phone. So, unplug the charger once you see that your laptop or smartphone is fully charged.

Save Electricity, Pay Less: Smart Tips to Save Electricity at Home

Set the Right AC Temperature

Surviving the summer without an air conditioner is a petrifying thought. However, AC’s come along with sky-rocketing electricity bills. Did you know that lower the temperature, higher the energy consumption is? Your air conditioner takes up a lot of load to keep the room cold at 18 degrees. To save electricity, set the temperature of your air conditioner at 24 degrees. This will save up on a lot of energy and keep your house cool and comfortable.

Use the Refrigerator Efficiently

One of the biggest power-hog appliances in most houses is the refrigerator. There are a lot of things to consider while using the refrigerator efficiently. For one, you need to understand how to organize your fridge, and how not to overstuff or under stuff it. And secondly, you need to set the right temperature according to the summer and winter months.

Save Electricity, Pay Less: Smart Tips to Save Electricity at Home

Switch Off All The Way

We use home appliances like televisions, microwaves and washing machines that require a lot of electricity. If you think turning off the TV or microwave and keeping it in standby mode will not cost you, then you are mistaken. All the appliances left in standby mode are also eating away at your electricity costs. So don’t just turn off these appliances, switch it off all the way.

Save Electricity, Pay Less: Smart Tips to Save Electricity at Home

The Right Lighting

One of the smartest and easiest tips to save electricity is to make use of the right lighting. Compact fluorescent lights require high levels of energy consumption. On the other hand, CFL and LED lights go easy on the monthly electricity bills. So, if the lights in your house are taking up a lot of load, its time to make a switch.

Use Energy Star Appliances

Major electrical appliance companies have started designing products with energy star rating. To understand these star ratings, remember that higher the number of stars, the more efficient your appliance is. Though these appliances might be on the expensive side, they are the best options for the longer run.

Save Electricity, Pay Less: Smart Tips to Save Electricity at Home

Pay Bills Online

Another convenient way of reducing electricity costs is to make payments online. Online stores tend to have offers and discounts which will help you save up a little. Additionally, making payments online makes things easier and convenient.


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