Maximum Freshness: Smart Ways to Organize a Refrigerator

After carrying home the various number of grocery bags, one of the most tedious tasks to do after that is to organize a refrigerator. It is easier to dump everything in the refrigerator than to sort everything according to the category. But continuing this process would spoil the food more quickly than it should. There is a simple way to organize a refrigerator that would help in maintaining the maximum freshness of the food. Every compartment in a refrigerator is assigned to different cooling temperatures for various types of food. All it takes is to store the food smartly according to these requirements.

The Refrigerator Door

The door section has the warmest temperature when compared to the other compartments of a refrigerator. Most people make the mistake of storing eggs and milk in the door compartment. This is because most refrigerators come with an egg tray in the door compartment. But due to the warm temperatures, the ideal ingredients to store in the door are water, juice, soda and condiments (mayonnaise, ketchup, chilli sauce, etc.)

The Upper Shelves

The upper shelves of a double door refrigerator consist of the top two shelves. The upper shelf has a consistently warm temperature. It is ideal for items that can last longer in warm temperatures such as yoghurt, jam and snacks. Whereas, the middle shelf which has a slightly colder temperature is the best place for storing ingredients such as butter, cheese, cooked meats and leftover food (positioned towards the front of the shelf).

Maximum Freshness: Smart Ways to Organize a Refrigerator

The Lower Shelf

The lower or the bottom shelf of a refrigerator has the coldest temperatures as compared to the upper shelves. This section of the fridge is ideal for items that are more prone to developing bacteria and getting spoiled. The cold temperatures on this shelf will make the items last longer. The best ingredients to store on this shelf are the eggs, milk, packaged raw meat, fish and other poultry products.

The Drawers

The drawers which are usually known as crisper drawers come with two compartments. One drawer with high humidity and the other with low humidity. To keep the vegetables fresh for a longer time, it is best to store them in the drawer with high humidity. And to keep the fruits fresh for long, the best place to store them is the drawer with low humidity. In case of a single drawer, it is possible to adjust the temperature according to what has to be stored inside.

A refrigerator is one of those home appliances that require proper arranging. Knowing which food item belongs where and storing them according to the temperatures to organize a refrigerator could result in the food lasting for long and staying fresh. Adapting this simple way of sorting ingredients to organize a refrigerator will also remove the hassle of rummaging through the shelves to find what you want. So, organize your refrigerator for the maximum freshness of your food.


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