Google Clips Smart Camera Will Bring AI to Home Gadgets

Last year, Google had announced its latest AI-powered camera called Clips. Our lives are filled with candid moments that we fail to capture by the time we take out our camera to snap a photo. Google Clips is a pocket-sized camera that relies on artificial intelligence to decide which moments are worth the capture.

The Clips camera comes with a price tag of $249 (approximately Rs. 16,200). It is designed in a way that it can be hooked on to the furniture or other objects at home. Google Clips automatically focuses on subjects that wander into its viewfinder. Solely depended on Google’s algorithm, the camera can detect faces, smiles, animals and rapid sequences of movement to capture the perfect moment.

Google Clips Smart Camera Will Bring AI to Home Gadgets

Although the Clips camera cannot record audio, it is a great device for everyone who is looking to capture candid shots of their pets, children or themselves. Google Clips can also record videos up to seven seconds (without audio) that can be used to make GIFs or HD photos.

Images and videos taken on the Google Clips camera can be easily downloaded and shared through a smartphone. Also, users who don’t trust the camera to capture memorable moments can use the shutter in the app to do it by themselves.

Google has been trying to incorporate artificial intelligence on most of its latest smart devices. With each new AI-powered device Google is sharpening its focus. In fact, AI could be one of the innovations to expect in smartphones in 2018. And with the introduction of the Clips camera, Google has tried to incorporate photography with artificial intelligence.

Google Clips Smart Camera Will Bring AI to Home Gadgets

Google Clips: The Candid AI Camera

According to the pictures that users save from everything that is clicked, the AI technology on the Clips camera will understand how to capture photographs users will appreciate and save. Based on this, the camera will focus on capturing such moments even more.

The Google Clips camera comes with 16GB of internal storage space, a fixed-focus sensor with f/2.4 aperture and a 130-degree wide-angle lens. Additionally, the placement of the camera matters a lot with the kind of pictures that will be generated. To get the best shots, Clips camera needs to be placed close to the subject.

Google Clips Smart Camera Will Bring AI to Home Gadgets

Is the Google Clips Camera Worth it?

As far as the price goes, the camera does not come cheap but nor is it overly expensive. It can connect to various smartphones through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for users to download content. However, there is no option to connect the camera to a computer.

Similarly, the Google Clips camera will be able to capture good candid images. Users who are looking for excellent candid photos might have to wait for the reviews. But all in all, the camera seems promising and versatile with all its new features.


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