Fun and Creative Tips for Smartphone Photography

Smartphones have changed the way we look at photography. Taking great photos with your smartphone requires a little extra effort as compared to a camera. It’s not always necessary that we have our cameras around with us at all times. Comparatively, a smartphone easily fits in your pocket and is easy to carry around.  Let’s have a look at a few fun and creative Smartphone Photography Tips to make your pictures look great:

Smartphone Photography #1: Wider Views

Fun and Creative Hacks for Smartphone Photography

The panorama mode is opted when; a long shot of any stunning landscape or an extremely wide view has to be captured in a single picture. Most smartphones these days come with the panorama mode. It is used for capturing pictures of the sunset or the sunrise by the sea, chain of mountains or any large subjects.

The main focus of creating an awesome panorama shot is positioning and stability as it requires you to move from left to right. Find a position for yourself for the shot and keep your feet firmly on the ground at a steady pose. Move your hands and the rest of your body apart from your feet while taking the shot. Make sure to take use light as a beneficial source. The Moto G5 Plus is an excellent phone for taking panoramic photos because of its wide-angle lens.

Smartphone Photography #2: Beat the Sun

Taking pictures with strong light is often very challenging. But even the light can be used as an advantage while taking pictures through your phone. Make sure to angle the sun behind you, that way the subject gets sufficient light. Angling the sun behind is also a great way to capture landscape photography.

Another way to use the sun to an advantage to create stunning photographs is to position the sun behind your subject. This will make the subject appear dark and is a great way of taking silhouette photographs. The LG V30 is the perfect smartphone for taking pictures in the light.

Smartphone Photography #3: Ditch the Flash

Fun and Creative Hacks for Smartphone Photography

While it is not an easy task to take pictures in bright sunlight, it is equally challenging to take pictures in the dark. Night photography can be a little daunting as due to the limited light source. The best way to capture pictures in the dark is to make the best use of the available lights.

The city light lights, vehicle light or even the storefront lights are not something we get to see during the day. Take advantage of the brilliantly coloured lights to take creative shots. Ditch the flash whenever possible, it makes the pictures look harsh and changes the colour of the surroundings. Stick to using the lights the city or environment has to offer. The Samsung Galaxy 8 camera is made to work day and night to take pictures even in the very limited light.

Smartphone Photography #4: Say NO to Zoom

All smartphone cameras come with the zoom option, but zooming in on pictures usually blurs the image and spoils the clarity. The best way to take a shot of the subject up close is to move closer to the subject. Don’t stop yourself from getting close and understanding the apt perspective and perfect lighting required to capture your subject in. All the iPhone models come with a great camera and are an ideal fit for taking pictures up close.

Smartphone Photography #5: Dive into the water

Fun and Creative Hacks for Smartphone Photography

Taking pictures on land is common, underwater photography is a raging trend. And waterproof smartphones have made that fairly easy. The best way to create a perfect underwater picture is to experiment with the natural lighting and available sun to find your style. Due to the light reflections bouncing in the water you have to find your way around to using the light at that specific time.

Also, make sure to keep your subject at the perfect distance. Keeping them too far will make the subject look out of focus and cloudy. The best phone for underwater photography is the LG G6.


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