Top 5 Photography Composition Rules Beginners Need to Perfect

Photography is nothing less than a form of art. Creating a perfectly balanced and composed picture requires a lot of practice. While a lot of people might say that there are absolutely no rules in photography, that’s not precisely true. Without proper composition, even a beautiful subject can look flat and uninteresting. At the same time, a properly composed photograph with all the elements naturally arranged can create the impact you are looking for. And how is this impact created? By following certain photography composition rules!

Taking an amazing shot does not particularly require a high-end camera. You could own a DSLR below Rs 30000 or a dual camera smartphone, if you know how to compose a frame; you can create an impressive photograph. Let’s take a look at the top 5 photography composition rules that you can apply to enhance your pictures. If you are a beginner trying to learn some of the composition rules, this is how you can learn to create magic with your lens.

Top 5 Photography Composition Rules Beginners Need to Perfect

Rule #1: Fill the Frame

A busy background can take the focus away from the subject. When you have too much clutter in the background, it will become difficult to decipher your subject. Instead of having a noisy background with too many elements, zoom in on the subject to fill the frame. Zooming in on the subject and filling the frame, ensures that your main subject is in focus and all the attention goes on your subject right away.

Rule #2: Simplify

Your photograph does not need too many elements to create an impact, even a simple photograph can create the kind of effect you are looking for. Much like the above point, you can simplify your picture by focusing on your main subject. Instead of having too many elements or a flashy background in your frame, just focus on your limelight. Just have one main element in your photograph; it leaves no doubt regarding what the subject is.

Top 5 Photography Composition Rules Beginners Need to Perfect

Rule #3: Rule of Thirds

Every photographer – beginner or qualified, must know the importance of the Rule of Thirds. This rule is basically about dividing your picture into nine equal parts with the help of two vertical and two horizontal lines. Once you have these imaginary lines in place, your subject should be placed on either one of these lines or where the lines intersect. This rule works the best for landscape shots. Most of the smartphones from the dual camera mobiles price list and trending DSLR cameras in 2018 come with the rule of thirds grid on the LCD display to capture perfect shots. Additionally, the centre of the frame creates boring and uninteresting pictures, so always avoid the middle.

Rule #4: Don’t Forget the Background

The background of your picture deserves equal attention as your subject. A cluttered or a flashy background takes the focus away from the subject. You don’t have to completely eliminate the background, but you can tweak the way people perceive it. First, you need to determine if the background plays a role in your picture. For example, portrait shots need a suppressed background that will not remove the focus from the subject. On the other hand, if your background is a part of the photograph, incorporate it into the image. But, make sure that you are not adding too much clutter along with it.

Top 5 Photography Composition Rules Beginners Need to Perfect

Rule #5: Use Lines & Shapes

Our eyes naturally tend to look for lines in an image. How you use these lines can affect the way a viewer views your photograph. Lines define a picture; they define how a viewer is supposed to see the subject or scene. These lines can be straight, diagonal, curvy, zigzag and much more. Similar to lines, even shapes can be used in the same way. Imagine a rectangle with 4 focus points; every focus point is connected to each other with lines to highlight the subject. Using lines and shapes creates a balance and is one of the most creative photography composition rules to use.


Rules do not mean that you have to complicate your photographs. Try to keep it simple and interesting. Additionally, while these photography composition rules can be used in any situation, you do not have to follow them excessively. Try incorporating your imagination and spontaneity to your photographs. These rules are to help you understand the basic principles of trying to create a visually appealing photograph. If you are a beginner, try out these rules to see an improvement in your shots. If you are looking for a new camera, you can also take a look at our popular DSLR cameras price list.


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