What Role Does Artificial Intelligence Play in Smartphones

Artificial intelligence has been the most talked about topic when it comes to the world of technology. This new technology is making its way into most gadgets, especially smartphones. According to a report on Statista, AI and machine learning are helping us in ways that we may not realize. Smartphones powered by AI became the most trending feature of 2018. What role does AI play in smartphones? Artificial intelligence in smartphones has several benefits and advantages. As of now the benefits of AI in a handheld device are limited, but with time, these benefits will expand and grow. Let’s take a look at the top 5 advantages of artificial intelligence in smartphones and what role it plays.

AI-Powered Cameras

This is probably one of the major AI feature that is seen on most of the latest and upcoming smartphones in India. Smartphones with AI-powered cameras are capable of automatically detecting the subject and changing the settings according to the available light and surroundings. Additionally, AI in cameras can also detect facial features and tweak the settings to capture a perfect shot. This feature helps users capture sharp and high-quality images. Interestingly, the latest smartphone by Samsung called the Galaxy S9+ can detect all the flaws in the image that a user has captured and offers suggestions on how to improve it.

Top 5 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones

AI-based processors offer smooth performance

AI-Based Processors

Another feature that is slowly making its way into smartphones is AI-based processors. Smartphone companies like Apple and Huawei have integrated AI-based processors in their latest mobile phones. These processors are designed with a chip that can handle AI computations. These chipsets ensure that the user can experience a smooth, fast and powerful experience without any lags. Moreover, these processors offer enhanced privacy, real-time responsiveness and improved reliability.

Smart Predictions

OEM’s are working on smartphones that will be able to predict what the user will do next. Based on a user’s everyday usage and routine, your smartphone will analyze and predict the user’s next move. For instance, you enjoy watching comedy series. Based on your past choices and searches, your smartphone will predict and suggest series that you might like. And not just apps, your smartphone will also be able to predict the next action that you might take and will offer suggestions accordingly. This won’t just make smartphones efficient but will also save a lot of time and efforts. Another feature of smart predictions is predictive text. This feature analyzes and studies your texting style and offers options that you might use, making texting easier.

Top 5 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones

Face Recognition technology to get smarter

Improved Security

After the launch of Apple iPhone X from the Apple mobile price list, a lot of smartphones have adapted the face recognition feature in their smartphones. This feature uses AI to recognize a users face and unlock the device. The face unlock technology is designed to even detect a users face even after major changes in the appearance. So, as a user, you could grow a beard or wear spectacles, and your device will recognize you. Smartphones are built with technologies like fingerprint and face recognition scanners to understand who has the authority to use the device. Security is one part that will improve with the help of artificial intelligence in smartphones.

Advanced Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are the perfect example of artificial intelligence in smartphones. Cortana, Siri, Google and Bixby have become smarter than they were. These voice assistants can do much more than just answer questions. They can even perform certain tasks that you assign them to do. Your smart voice assistant can play/pause a song, place an online order, make a call, type a message and so much more. Being able to perform a wide range of tasks, these voice assistants are getting smarter and better.


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