5 Interesting Tips to Click Flawless Portrait Shots Like a Pro

The most common and also probably the most trending form of photography in today’s time is portrait photography. You do not have to be a professional to capture perfect portrait shots. However, the first rule of portrait photography is to understand that capturing pictures of people is not necessarily a portrait. It is one of the types of photography which is all about capturing the essence and the personality of a person. Clicking a portrait shot is not as difficult as it seems. You can capture flawless portraits just by following a few simple tips for portrait photography. It all comes down to spotting interesting frames or characters and capturing a shot to let your picture convey a story.

And while it may seem a little daunting at first, you end up having fun and learn to trust your instincts to capture the perfect shot. Your camera becomes a mirror of all the stories and interesting characters that you see. To help you get started, here are some easy to follow and interesting tips for portrait photography. Take a look!

Work on the Composition

Portrait photography is absolutely incomplete without a subject. You have to make sure that viewers connect with your subject as soon as they look at the photograph. Once you have your subject in place, the next big thing is to work on the composition. Whether or not your portrait shot captures a viewer’s eye completely depends on the composition. In portrait photography, two important things to remember are the rules of thirds and depth. Most of the latest mobile phones in India allow you to apply a grid overlay on the display which makes it easier to capture a picture using the rule of thirds.

In the rule of thirds, the shot is divided into nine equal squares, and the subject is placed along the lines of intersection. Sticking to these intersecting points will allow you to portray your subject in the most attractive manner. Nevertheless, you can also get creative with these set rules to create a picture that automatically catches the eye. For instance, placing your subject on the edge of a shot can be just as impactful as following the rule of thirds.

5 Interesting Tips for Portrait Photography That You Should Master

Experiment with Light

One major factor that affects your portrait shots is the lighting. You need to plan ahead and decide if you will be using natural or artificial lighting. Will you be shooting indoor or outdoor? While shooting outdoors, time of the day impacts the direction of light. You need to understand light to capture perfect portraits. In short, light plays a huge role in determining how your portrait turns out. Here’s an easy understanding of how to use light:

  • You can create mood, silhouettes or backlighting with side-lighting
  • Placing light directly in front will cause the subject to look dark and indiscernible
  • Standing and facing a light source can create fully lit shots

These are some tips for portrait photography that you need to remember while using light in your pictures.

Find the Right Settings

Most of the times photographers tend to spend more time finding the right settings rather than capturing shots. DSLR cameras offer tons of settings which is why it is easy to get carried away trying to find the perfect settings. Portrait photography is more about creativity rather than technicality. Most popular DSLR cameras in India will allow you to tweak the f-stop and ISO, while automatically adjusting the shutter speed. This is an easier way to capture portrait shots and you end up spending considerable lesser time on adjusting the settings manually. In all, portrait photography is all about understanding how to use your camera in the most efficient manner.

5 Interesting Tips for Portrait Photography That You Should Master

Don’t Overlook the Background

The background you use matters just as much as the subject. Your backgrounds cannot be too loud or flashy that will divert a viewer’s attention from the subject. Make sure to use an interesting or subtle background that will allow your subject to stand out. Most portrait photographs come with a blurred background – allowing the subject to stand out. However, it is not imperative to always stick to a blurred background. You can also make use of solid colours, consistent lines or subtle patterns in your shot to add a pop of style.

Play with Perspectives

If you search through portrait photography on the internet, you will mostly find shots that are captured at eye level. However, if you want to make your portrait actually stand out – play with perspectives. Having the subject look down at the camera or capturing a picture from up close can add a wow factor to your photograph. Portraying your subject from a creative angle is definitely going to add interest.

These are some of the tips for portrait photography that you can use to capture flawless shots. They are easy and simple to follow. Moreover, portrait photography does not particularly require a professional camera. Good camera mobile phones are equally equipped to help you capture perfect shots. Make use of these tips to capture some solid portraits that are sure to shine through.


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