Must-Have Smartphone Features to Look for in India

Back in the day, mobile phones were only used for calling and texting. With growing trends, the current age mobile phones pretty much do everything. However, that’s not all. With every passing year, we are introduced to a new set of smartphones features that help take the smartphone experience to the next level. If you are currently looking for a new Android smartphone to buy, then make sure you pick a smartphone with all the new and updated features. We have even seen trends like foldable and 5 mobile phones already make an appearance. With so many features around, it may get difficult to decide which one your next smartphone should have. To make your choice easier, here are some of the must-have smartphone features to look for in 2019. These features will help you make the right decisions and pick a perfect smartphone. Take a look!

Fast Charging Support

Must-Have Smartphone Features to Look for in 2019

The fast charging feature has made it easier to charge smartphones in a matter of minutes. This feature is popularly seen on mid-range and high-end smartphones. Gone are the days where we had to wait an hour or two to see the full charge status on our smartphones. Quick charging mobile phones are like regular smartphones that offer fast charging speeds. Additionally, make sure that the smartphone you pick has a USB Type-C port instead of a regular Micro USB port. Smartphones with USB Type-C ports ensure fast charging speeds as well as fast data-transferring speeds.

In Display Fingerprint Sensor

Must-Have Smartphone Features to Look for in 2019

Fingerprint sensors have become a common feature even on budget mobile phones. These sensors make a smartphone more secure and enhance authenticity. Last year we saw a lot of smartphones come with fingerprint sensors placed on the rear, side or front panel.  Users have always been divided between the best placement choices for a fingerprint sensor on a smartphone. However, in display fingerprint sensor mobile phones changed all that. With a fingerprint sensor embedded in the display, it makes it easier to unlock the phone even without picking it up. Plus, in-display sensors give way to creating bezel-less display mobile phones.

Latest Android OS with Regular Updates

Must-Have Smartphone Features to Look for in 2019

While talking about Android mobile phones and smartphone features, the one major thing that you should consider is the OS. Every year Google announces its new OS update that brings in tonnes of features and updates. Picking a smartphone with the latest OS ensures that you get all the latest features and updates. Additionally, if you end up picking a smartphone running on an older OS, there are chances that you end up receiving software updates slowly. If you are investing in a new phone, make sure it is integrated with the latest OS.

Good Camera Quality

Must-Have Smartphone Features to Look for in 2019

Moving on to one of the most important smartphone features that people look for – camera quality. Camera is a major aspect that people consider while buying a new smartphone. With dual and triple camera mobile phones making their way into the market, it is pretty easy to pick a good camera smartphone. Make sure that the smartphone you pick can manage to capture decent pictures even in low light and you are good to go.

Efficient Processor

Must-Have Smartphone Features to Look for in 2019

The processor is what determines the performance of the phone. Flagship processor ensures powerful performance. Likewise, even mid-range smartphones receive powerful performance processors. If you enjoy gaming, multi-tasking, or using too many apps at a time, opt for a smartphone with a processor that can handle all your needs.

  • Flagship processors: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Snapdragon 855
  • Mid-Range Processors: Snapdragon 660, Snapdragon 675, Snapdragon 710

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