All the Best Photography Apps You’ll Ever Need for Clicking Amazing Shots

One of the main features that we look for before buying a smartphone these days is the camera. Almost all the latest mobile phones in India come with good camera setup. Even budget mobile phones are equipped with decent camera setups. Looking and finding for good camera mobile phones has never been this easy! However, if you enjoy photography as a hobby, then the smartphone camera is just not enough! You have to explore beyond the in-built camera to create amazing shots. So, how can you make sure that you capture incredible pictures with your smartphone? By making use of the best photography apps that are sure to improve every shot that you click. There are various photography apps that will take your photography game to the next level. If you want to improve the quality of the pictures you click on your smartphone, then give then 5 best photography apps a try.

Best for Photo Editing: Snapseed


This app is available on both iOS and Android and is an all-rounder in terms of editing. This app is a tough competitor to popular desktop photo editors. Plus, the interface is extremely easy to understand and use. Snapseed will offer you a wide range of editing tools for improving the exposure and colour rate. Additionally, apart from the normal cropping, resizing and rotation tools, this app will also allow you to tweak the perspective, depth of field, curves, brightness and much more. Snapseed also offers an extensive list of filters. All-in-all, if we are talking about the best photography apps, then Snapseed holds the top position. This app is designed to cater to all your photo editing needs.

Best for Filters: VSCO


It is the day and age of Instagram. Most people put in their all just to click those Instagram-worthy pictures. While Instagram does have its own range of filters, it’s all just basic! VSCO is the go-to app if you want to explore and have fun with filters. This app offers you more than 130 filters to choose from. The filters offer effects which look like they have been captured on a film camera. Furthermore, along with high-end filters, VSCO can also be used for editing, cropping, and other adjustments. However, the app is mainly all about the filters and it does a pretty good job at it.

Best for Removing Imperfections: Perfect365

Perfect 365

All the latest selfie camera mobile phones are mainly with AI-beautification cameras. These smartphones are designed to make pictures look flawless. However, you don’t necessarily require an AI-beautification camera for clicking flawless selfies. Downloading just the right app on your smartphone can do the trick as well. Perfect 365 is one such app that you can make use of to get rid of any imperfections. This app automatically studies the picture and offers suggestions within seconds. Perfect 365 makes it easier to create natural and subtle looks in a matter of seconds.

Best for Advanced Editing Tools: Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2

Unlike all the other best photography apps mentioned on our list, Afterlight 2 is a paid app. This app offers new updates and features every month. Afterlight 2 offers more advanced editing tools such as blend modes, selective hue or saturation, curves, gradients, clarify and much more. These tools are not found on any of the basic apps. However, in spite of these advanced tools, the app is pretty easy to understand and use. This app is a better pick for intermediate level photographers who are looking for a great end result.

Best for Adding Textures: Pixlr

All the Best Photography Apps You’ll Need for Clicking Amazing Shots

If you want to add beautiful effects and overlays to your pictures, then Pixlr is one of the best photography apps made for you. This app offers more than 2 million filters and overlays for you to choose from. With a broad range of features and effects, you can add a unique perspective to every picture that you capture. Moreover, the app is also great for simple functions like cropping, resizing, rotating and much more.

These are some of the photography apps that you can try out in 2019. Whether you opt for mobile phones below 10000 or mobile phones above 40000, you can create amazing quality pictures with the right apps. Lastly, it is better to use one or two apps at a time to avoid cluttering your smartphone. Most apps come with all the simple functions. Based on your usage, pick the apps that best suit your requirements.


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