5 Clear Signs That Your Laptop is Getting Old and You Need an Upgrade

Laptops are without a doubt a few of the best technological advancements that have made our lives easier. Whether it is work, communication or our daily dose of entertainment, we all rely on our laptops. With most of us being so dependent on our laptops, it should be of utmost importance to keep them running slowly. However, if you have been your laptop for quite a few years, then you must have noticed a certain amount of lag, downgrade in the performance, and a lot of issues randomly popping up. While some of these issues can be solved by simply turning off and turning on your laptop, some issues just don’t seem to go away. If you are just barely extending the life of your old laptop, then here are some reasons to buy a new laptop.

Understanding is your laptop needs a replacement is not an easy decision to make. Even some of the best rated laptops get old with time. Nevertheless, there are certain warning signs that you simply mustn’t ignore. If you are facing problems with your laptop, take a look at some of the warning signs that your laptop is getting old and the top 5 reasons to buy a new laptop.

Latest OS Can’t be Updated

The biggest warning sign that your laptop is getting old is when it cannot update to the latest OS version. Whether you own one of the Windows or Mac OS Laptops, once you receive a message that your laptop cannot be updated to the latest OS, it is a clear indication of it running out of life. This issue mainly occurs when there is not enough memory on your laptop or the graphics card is outdated. Additionally, if you want to check the compatibility of your laptop with the latest OS, make sure to check the required specifications that the updated OS requires. If your laptop does not have the required specs, then it cannot be updated to the latest OS.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Laptop & Ditch Your Old PC

Programs Take Forever to Open

Do you spend a lot of time waiting for a program to open rather than working on it? There could be a lot of reasons as to why your laptop is running slow. It could be due to insufficient memory, hardware trouble or malware issues. Even after running a basic test and getting it checked, if your laptop still runs slow then it is one of the major reasons to buy a new laptop.

Overheats Instantly

Overheating is one of the most common problems that laptop users face. Over a period of time, all laptops tend to start heating up during excessive usage. Even long battery laptops start overheating once they get old. Laptops usually start heating up mainly because of fan issues. It is always advised to clean the fan every six months. However, if your laptop is overheating even after cleaning or replacing the fan, then it is definitely time to upgrade.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Laptop & Ditch Your Old PC

Awful Screen Resolution

Changing a few settings here and there tends to mess up the screen contrast, resolution and colour. This issue is easily fixable through graphics settings. However, if you are facing issues with the resolution and have to squint to see the screen clearly, then there could be a major problem with your screen. Unlike PC’s, laptop screens cannot be replaced just as easily. If your screen stops working, then there is no way for you to use the laptop. Moreover, if you are facing screen issues even after tweaking the graphics setting and running a test, then your laptop definitely needs a replacement.

Problems with Battery

Whether you choose to buy laptops below 15000 or laptops above 50000, your device is going to face battery issues sooner or later. The most common battery problems that laptops suffer from are:

  • Battery life drains too quickly
  • Or, the laptop will not charge

Replacing the battery is the easiest solution during such scenarios. And, most of the times changing the battery works perfectly fine. However, if you cannot find a manufacturer approved battery, it would be wise to replace your laptop. Additionally, if your laptop comes with a built-in battery, then you have no choice but to replace it while facing unsolvable battery issues.


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