Must-Have Home Appliances When You Stay Away From Home

Home away from home is a very popular saying that we have all heard numerous times. A lot of people stay away from home for education or work. While living alone is not an easy task, we also have to manage all the work single-handedly. Domestic chores are a nightmare when you are previously used to living with a family. That’s where home appliances come to our aid. Even though they can’t solve all our problems, they make things easier for us. Here are some useful home appliances every person staying away from home needs

Induction Cook Top

Induction cooktops are far more efficient than our regular gas cooktops. They use the electromagnetic energy to heat the utensil instantly. The surface of the cooktop remains cool which makes it safe to touch. This home appliance is safe to use, easy to clean and heats faster which makes the work of the user much quicker.

Room Heater or Air Cooler

Climate plays a major role in where you live. While some places can survive without both these home appliances, some require one or both. Shifting to a colder climate could be easy to deal with a room heater to warm you on a cold day. On the other hand, air coolers are an economical home appliance to beat the heat when compared to an air conditioner.


A chopper is probably one of the most important kitchen appliances. Living away from home requires people to cook for themselves most of the time. Chopping vegetables is time taking and tedious. Buying a chopper can save you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. Along with this, a hand blender is a useful appliance to have around for blending and whisking. If you enjoy your morning smoothie, soup or even chutney with snacks hand blenders make your work easier.

Water Purifier

Water- It is one of the most important sources we depend on. With the amount of pollution and industrialization contaminating our natural reserves, health and safety should be our main considerations. Water purifiers disinfect the water from all unwanted toxins making it pure and safe for us to consume.

Immersion Rods

Immersion rods are used for heating all kinds of liquid, right from water to oil. Gone are the days of using a geyser or wasting your gas to heat anything. Water Immersion rods can be used to heat water for the bath. They are compact, convenient and easy on the pockets. Water immersion rods are designed to save our time and energy.


No matter where we go, our clothes help us look good every day. Whether it is dressing for an important occasion or a regular day to work, iron or clothes steamer will deal with all the wrinkles and make your clothes look neat. It is a definite must-have small home appliance.

Washing Machine

Washing clothes is an impossible task with a hectic lifestyle. Most people who stay away from home wash their clothes on a weekly basis. That is both time and energy consuming. Washing machines are meant to wash the dirty laundry and dry the clothes to an extent after the wash. A small washing machine that suits your requirements could save you from that weekly chore.


Though the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a refrigerator is a glass of cold water on a sunny day, that’s not all that refrigerators are meant for. Apart from a bottle of cold water or a tray of ice, refrigerators are meant for storing fruits, vegetables and lots of other kitchen ingredients to keep them fresh. It can keep things fresh for days which will save you from the everyday trip to the market.


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