Induction Cooktops Price list in india

Below you will find the updated price list of Induction Cook Tops in India. An induction cook top is a very easy to use and convenient kitchen appliance. These cook tops use electromagnetic energy to directly heat the cooking utensils. Induction cook tops heat up much faster and their surface always remains cool to the touch. Another type of cook top on our list is the radiant cook top. It uses electric energy to pass heat through various heating elements below its smooth ceramic top. Few of the cook top brands are Morphy Richards, Onida, Jaipan, Sunshine and much more. Go through the prices and features of various cook tops in our list below to pick the best one for your kitchen.

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Induction Cooktops Price list in india
Popular Models Price
Morphy Richards Chef Xpress 700 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) Rs.4,745
Onida Smart Chef 72B Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) Rs.3,990
Jaipan 3003 Induction Cooktop(Push Button) Rs.2,995
Sunshine SUN002 Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) Rs.1,599
Jaipan 8010 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) Rs.2,845
Sunshine SUN003 Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) Rs.1,499
V-Cook VS32 Induction Cooktop(Silver, Jog Dial) Rs.2,050
True Power BQ1 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) Rs.1,930
Remson Cooker Magic1 Induction Cooktop(Multicolor, Push Button) Rs.4,117
True Power M01 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) Rs.1,930