Air Coolers Price list in india 2017

With every passing year, the scorching heat during summers is becoming unbearable. Having an air cooler at work or home is a very efficient and affordable way to beat the heat as compared to an air conditioner. There are several brands in the air cooler market such as Symphony, Voltas, Crompton, Hindware, Havells, Bajaj and Usha. Based on the size of the room the air cooler will be placed in, choose the air cooler litres required. The bigger the room, bigger the air cooler is required. Compare features and pictures across various brands and avail yourself with the best lowest air cooler price available for the air cooler of your choice in our list below.

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Air Coolers Price list in india 2017
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Bajaj MD 2020 Window Air Cooler(White, 54 Litres) Rs.6,720
Bajaj Platini PX 100 DC Desert Air Cooler(White, 43 Litres) Rs.10,790
Bajaj Glacier DC 2016 Desert Air Cooler(White, 67 Litres) Rs.9,999
Bajaj Platini PX 93 DC DLX Desert Air Cooler(White, 48 Litres) Rs.11,395
Bajaj PC 2012 Personal Air Cooler(White, Grey, 20 Litres) Rs.5,300
Bajaj Frio Personal Air Cooler(White, 23 Litres) Rs.5,370
Usha Stellar - CP202 Personal Air Cooler(Multicolor, 20 Litres) Rs.5,952
Usha Honeywell - CL30XC Personal Air Cooler(Grey, 25 Litres) Rs.13,390
Symphony Ice Cube XL Room Air Cooler(White, 17 Litres) Rs.5,491
Usha Air King - CD703 Desert Air Cooler(Multicolor, 70 Litres) Rs.9,999