Will Modular Phones Replace Your Smartphones in Future?

Modular smartphones concept was firstly initiated by Google with its Project Ara way back in 2013. Since then, many prototypes of the same has appeared on the internet, but all we know that the Ara lineup has been killed by the company and we won’t able to see the Ara modular phone in for a moment. Google has suspended the Project Ara in September 2016 and issued licensing the concept to other phone manufacturers instead.

LG has joined the concept of modular in early 2016 at CES with its brand new modular device named as G5 which is already available in India. Afterward, Motorola has entered in the race with its Moto Z smartphones. Besides the modular functionalities, are there any strong reasons to opt for modular phones instead of your existing Smartphones?

How does It work?

The modular phones facilitate the users to tailor their phone on the go with customized accessories called mods. The mods could be clapped on the phone’ body or could be attached to special ports on the phone. It can be utilized to enhance the performance of the phone using mods for better camera output and battery backup.

Are modular phones practical?

The modular phones might be the future of smartphones, but buying a modular phone in the current scenario does mean a slightly higher cost of ownership. For instance, the Moto Z smartphone costs Rs 39,999 for a higher variant while its mid-range variant named as Moto Z Play costs Rs 24,999.

Looking at the price, there are many better alternatives available in the market which offers far better specifications than these modular smartphones excepting the modular features. However, the mods are not included with the device and hence require to be purchased either bundled with the Smartphone or separately.

Having a modular smartphone with you will surely involve the mess of carrying multiple mods along with you all the time. Plus, adding such mods onto your phone will add up some bulk to the phone. Carrying a modular phone with mods will make it quite hefty for your pockets.

The modular phones have a potential to replace the smartphones, but looking at the advancements in smartphone technology, the future smartphone may include breathtaking features and hardware specifications which the mods are offering today. We have already seen smartphones like Turing Phone Cadenza and Turing Monolith Chaconne which are claiming to provide jaw dropping specifications. So, the need of modular accessories might not be the necessity in future smartphones.


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