5 Ways in Which Foldable Smartphones Will Enhance Our Everyday Usage

Over the years, smartphones have been rapidly bringing in new innovations and designs. We went from classic Nokia phones to touchscreen mobile phones in a span of a few years. However, for quite some time now, we haven’t seen a major technological or innovational change in smartphones. We have better smartphones today, but nothing has changed for a long time. But, things are expected to change soon. For years now, we have seen various concepts, patents and prototypes of foldable smartphones appear online.

It is no hidden fact that many smartphone companies have been working on perfecting a foldable smartphone. And now finally, it looks like we might get to see these flexible smartphones in 2019. These devices will come with different form factors. While some smartphone will come with an outward fold; some will feature an open and close display. The one thing that’s for sure is that these foldable smartphones will enhance our everyday mobile phone usage. Wondering how? Take a look!

5 Ways in Which Foldable Smartphones Will Enhance Our Everyday Usage

Multitasking Made Easy

The multitasking abilities that smartphones from the latest mobiles price list offer is nothing compared to what a foldable smartphone can do. Currently, a lot of smartphones running on the latest Android OS allow users to use two different apps at the same time. However, the small screen space makes it super uncomfortable. On the other end, a foldable smartphone will give us a much bigger and flexible display. A foldable smartphone will let you split the display in two and use two different apps comfortably without the feeling of being confined to a limited space.

Portability Made Simple

It is safe to say that a foldable smartphone will be as big as a tablet. A foldable smartphone will offer you the benefits of a tablet and smartphone at the same time. So, with a flexible device by your side, you will not have to carry more than one device at a time. Additionally, you can even fold your smartphone and put it in your pocket like a regular smartphone. Moreover, these devices are also the perfect travel companions.

5 Ways in Which Foldable Smartphones Will Enhance Our Everyday Usage

A Single-Camera Setup

Smartphone companies are competing with each other to incorporate more and more cameras on their upcoming mobile phones. Not just dual camera mobile phones, smartphone companies are working on designing smartphones with as many as eight cameras. In reality, do we need so many cameras? A great quality front and rear camera are what most of us look for. With foldable smartphones, users will just need a single exceptional camera for all their photography needs.

A foldable smartphone will allow a single sensor to act as the front and the rear camera. Users will be able to fold their smartphone to either click a selfie or a normal picture, depending on which side they fold their smartphone too. A single highly outstanding good camera mobile is all that we will need.

5 Ways in Which Foldable Smartphones Will Enhance Our Everyday Usage

Forget Cracked Displays

It is a little too soon to say if these flexible smartphones will be completely secure from scratches and cracks. However, the level of flexibility in these smartphones might reduce the risk of damage by a huge margin. These smartphones are sure to be designed with materials that are highly resistant and flexible. So, users will not have to worry about cracked displays or screen replacement with these smartphones.

Scope for New Features

A foldable smartphone will open up a world full of new possibilities. Users will be able to watch two different videos simultaneously, while they are facing each other. In addition to that, these smartphones might take over the gaming smartphones that we are seeing these days. With two different screens, one screen could be dedicated to the game, while the second screen could be used for the controls. There is also a high possibility that games and apps will soon be designed to support foldable phones and provide added functionality.


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