Top 5 Android Apps That Will Earn You Cash & Rewards

A majority of us spend most of our day lost in our smartphones. Our smartphones are probably one of the only devices that we carry around with us at all times.  With so many apps installed on our phones, we don’t realize how we while away the time. But what if installing and using a few Android apps could earn you cash and rewards?

That’s right, completing simple tasks or surveys or just using an app could earn you rewards sitting at home. And earning some extra cash has done no one any wrong. Take a look at the top 5 Android apps that will earn you cash and rewards in our list below.


Top 5 Android Apps That Will Earn You Cash & Rewards

MooCash is one of those Android apps that lets you earn money with your smartphone by simply using the screen locker. The app offers a bunch of simple tasks that you can complete and in turn get rewarded with money. MooCash will ask you replace your lock screen with a free screen locker to earn rewards just by unlocking your smartphone.

Additionally, the MooCash app also asks you to try free apps, fill small surveys, watch ads, and complete such basic tasks to earn points. The points earned can be redeemed into cash through PayPal or Google Reward card.


Top 5 Android Apps That Will Earn You Cash & Rewards

The SquadRun app is accessible to anyone and everyone from India owning a smartphone. This app provides you with simple yet interesting tasks to complete and earn SquadCoins. The tasks could range from giving feedback on apps, categorizing products, tagging images, matching items, call a business client to give them details on a product or service and calling restaurants to collect information.

Completion of every task will earn you SquadCoins. These coins can be redeemed for PayUmoney points or it can even be sent to your Paytm Wallet. In addition to that, the money can be transferred to your bank account from the Paytm wallet. Also, the highlight of this app is that it is flexible and allows users to complete tasks in their own free time.

Google Opinion Rewards

Top 5 Android Apps That Will Earn You Cash & Rewards

Earning rewards on this app is pretty simple, all you have to do is answer surveys. This app sends you a minimum of 1-5 surveys and a maximum of 20-30 surveys per week for you to answer. The number of surveys that you receive solely depends on your location and your activity. Answering these surveys with honesty earns you Google play reward points.

These reward points can be used only on other Google services. For instance, you can use the Google Play rewards points by downloading books, movies, apps, music, etc, without having to pay for any of it.


Top 5 Android Apps That Will Earn You Cash & Rewards

Are you on a fitness regime and having a hard time sticking to it? The Pact app can help you stay focused as well as rewards you for staying on track. This app lets you set fitness goals, and if you don’t stick to these goals you lose money. Whereas, if you achieve your fitness goals, you are rewarded directly from members who failed to achieve their goals. Definitely, one of the most fun Android apps that keeps you motivated to stay healthy, as well as rewards you for it.


Top 5 Android Apps That Will Earn You Cash & Rewards

Well, this is one of the most fun Android App altogether. Don’t we all just enjoy listening to music or binge-watching TV shows? If reading that got you excited, then this app is meant for you! The Viggle app rewards you points for watching TV shows or listening to music.

All you have to do is, download and open the app to recognize any of your favourite TV show or music and earn Perk Points instantly. Furthermore, these Perk points can be redeemed and exchanged for real-life rewards like gift cards from top brands like Walmart, PayPal, Amazon and much more.


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