LG Files Trademark for Icon Smartphone, Iconic Smartwatch

LG is reportedly re-strategising its mobile business and as a part of this, the company is entering into new ventures. The South Korean tech giant is expected to launch a new smartphone and smartwatch brand. The smartphone will be called as LG Icon, whereas the smartwatch will be named as LG Iconic.

Prior to this, LG has confirmed that it will avoid the annual launch cycle of its smartphone. The step of taking a departure from its struggling smartphone space is believed to be in favour to the new branding strategy. To recall, the company has been facing losses for the past few quarters.

LG Icon, LG Iconic Trademark Filed, Launch Expected Soon

Coming to the new Icon and Iconic trademarks, LG has filed trademarks to the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). According to the USPTO database, the company has filed a few trademarks for a smartphone under the names: LG Icon, LG Aiconn, and LG Aicon. Moreover, it has also secured the trademark of the name ‘Iconic’ for its upcoming smartwatch range.

The trademark listing was first spotted by a famous tipster Evan Blass. He posted the information about the trademarks via his official Twitter handle.

LG Icon, LG Iconic Trademark Filed, Launch Expected Soon

Presently, it is unclear whether LG will rebrand its G-series of a smartphone with Icon or just release smartphone models under Icon name. The trademark filing is used by companies to secure a particular name of their products which they are planning to launch in near future.

Recently, LG has announced at the CES 2018 event that it will no longer schedule a normal timeline for the announcement of its handsets. The South Korean tech giant generally launches the G-series mobile device in the first half of the year; while, the V-series flagship handset releases in the second half. Before this comes true, the company has managed to launch the world’s first 8K OLED TV at the CES 2018 event.

LG Icon, LG Iconic Trademark Filed, Launch Expected Soon

While announcing the shift from launch cycles, the company suggested that it will bring more variants of the existing smartphone line-up. LG further mentioned that it will avoid launch of a new smartphone just because every competitor is launching new products once in a while. Instead, it will focus on the longevity of its existing smartphone line-up by offering new variants in the current G-series or V-series.


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