Smartphones Used By Top Indian Cricketers

Indian cricket team has millions of fans globally and we fans are quite interested in knowing every small detail related to our favourite stars. Having a keen interest in the personal lifestyle of cricket stars has led us to the curiosity of knowing – Which smartphones are used by famous Indian Cricketers?

Nowadays, smartphones represent one’s status and lifestyle. A smartphone used by any high-profile celebrity defines the celebrity itself. There are many Indian cricketers who are a face of top smartphone brands. The smartphones brands which are endorsed by cricketers add a great value to it in terms of its popularity.

Well! Knowing about the personal lifestyle of any famous celebrity is not easy but for true fans like you, hereby with the help of our sources, we have tried to find out which smartphone is the personal favourite of your favourite cricket stars. Let’s begin…

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is undoubtedly the most popular and certainly the most scrutinised Indian cricketer. He endorses the smartphone brand Lava Mobiles. Lava Mobiles has gained a lot of attention ever since MS Dhoni chose to become a face for Lava.

But in personal life, according to the sources, MS Dhoni has been spotted taking selfies with his iPhone which we guess to be the latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Dhoni is also said to be a Blackberry fan. Back in 2017, Mr Dhoni was spotted with his favourite Blackberry phone.

Virat  Kohli

Virat, the current captain of Indian cricket team, is a youth icon and inspiration for many. Virat has an impressively dynamic and happening personality. He owns a stylish and robust iPhone X (priced approx Rs.98000) which truly defines his vibrant individuality. In 2017, Virat was spotted with a blackberry phone which we supposed to be Blackberry Classic. Virat had posted a selfie with Dhoni’s daughter Zeeva wherein baby Zeeva was trying to make a call with Virat’s Blackberry phone (adorable, isn’t it?).

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Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin, the God of Cricket, is a motivation for all of us. Sachin seems to be a down to earth personality and this is reflected in his choice of things and acts for society. However, did you know that Sachin is a smartphone lover? Well! Not only Sachin loves smartphone but he has his own smartphone brand too called Smartron. But according to sources, Sachin’s favourite phone is from big brand Apple (probably iPhone 7). Sachin is said to love iPhones and we can say that Sachin’s love for smartphones is astonishing.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is known as an all-rounder of Indian Cricket Team. He has a hardcore personality and a very determinate attitude towards his life. It is known that Yuvraj Singh uses more than two smartphones in his personal life.

In 2017, Yuvraj Singh was one of the Brand Ambassadors for Oppo Mobiles. With the launch of Oppo F1 Plus, Yuvraj became the first sports ambassador for Oppo. According to the sources, Yuvraj was spotted using Oppo smartphone as one of his personal smartphones. Apart from Oppo, Yuvraj’s personal favourite is Apple iPhone 7 Plus which he uses as his much-loved mobile.

The cricket stars have a huge impact on their fans and thus any style picked up by these stars is followed by their fans. Similarly, smartphones used by above top cricketers greatly influences the smartphone choice for their fans too. Any brand which is either used or endorsed by such celebs affects its brand valuation as well.

(Editor’s Note: The above-mentioned information is taken from various internet references. We can’t assure if the information about mobile used by the concerned cricketers is accurate. The celebrities’ image used are compiled from different images. It is for representation purpose only. The images are copyright of their respective owners.)

(Disclaimer: This post was originally published on 21 March 2017, and is updated according to the latest information on May 8, 2018.)


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