Samsung’s 146-inch ‘The Wall’ TV to Launch in August

Samsung impressed all the tech geeks during the CES 2018 with its latest innovations. Earlier this year at CES, Samsung unveiled its 146-inch modular TV called ‘The Wall’. Samsung recently announced that its The Wall TV is all set to launch in August this year. The 146-inch modular TV is expected to be one of Samsung’s most expensive products to launch in the electronic markets. However, Samsung has still not disclosed the price of the TV.

Samsung The Wall TV: Features

The key focus of Samsung’s 146-inch The Wall TV is its modular capability and a bezel-less display. Breaking free from the OLED display, Samsung has used a new display technology called MicroLED on its upcoming modular TV. This latest technology does not require any backlight as each microscopic LED can emit its own light.

Samsung’s 146-inch The Wall TV to Launch in August

Additionally, MicroLED displays are perfect for faster response times, better contrast and are energy efficient. Samsung has claimed that the MicroLED technology will offer its viewers picture quality that is similar to OLED but with a better lifespan.

Samsung’s 146-inch The Wall TV to Launch in August

Since The Wall is a modular TV, users can customize and create a TV size and shape according to their needs. This means the TV can be almost any size or shape that the viewer wants. According to a report on The Verge, The TV can be tweaked and adjusted to various aspect ratios such as 4:3 or even 1:1, depending on the user’s viewing needs.

In addition to that, The Wall will support and work on the 4K resolution. No further details regarding the features and connectivity have been revealed by the company yet. Furthermore, Samsung is working on introducing a new range of 4K QLED TVs to India by May 2018.

Samsung’s 146-inch The Wall TV to Launch in August

Samsung launched the ‘world’s most advanced QLED TV’ in India called The Frame back in 2017. Seeing the amazing response by the users, Samsung has announced its latest QLED TVs for 2018. The QLED TVs will come with an 85-inch display and will be powered by an 8K artificial intelligence.


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