Samsung Announces Vertical Sero TV Which Can be Used in Portrait Mode

Samsung is a pretty well-known name in the world of tech. Right from smartphones to home appliances, Samsung has always introduced new innovations. This time round’, the company has taken innovation a step ahead. The company has announced a new smart TV called Sero. With a lot of new Smart televisions launching every day, you might be wondering what’s so different about the Sero TV. Interestingly, Samsung has designed this TV especially for the millennials who enjoy social media.

The highlight of this TV is that it can be used in both portrait and vertical orientation. The word Sero literally translates to ‘vertical’ in Korean. With this TV, Samsung aims to bring smartphone usage onto the TV. With vertical orientation, users will be able to use apps like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat on the Sero TV without worrying about the orientation. It is a 43-inch TV that comes with its very own stand to switch between portrait and landscape mode.

Samsung Announces Vertical Sero TV Which Can be Used in Portrait Mode

However, such an innovation comes with a hefty price. The TV comes with a price tag of KRW 18,900,000 (which roughly calculates to Rs 11.3 lakhs). Additionally, the TV also comes with smart features, a 60W sound output and a 4.1-channel speaker. Apart from its vertical orientation, this TV can also be used for watching movies or gaming. Like all the latest Samsung LED Televisions, even this TV gets the Bixby voice assistant.

Unlike all the other latest televisions in India, this TV is mainly designed to be used as a huge digital photo frame or a phone enlarger. This TV will go on Sale in South Korea sometime during the end of May. However, when it will make its debut in the other global markets is still not known. But, if the TV does gain popularity, we can expect it to make its launch even in India. Along with this, Samsung has also launched the Serif TV which is altered version of the Frame TV. As of now, this TV will only be available in South Korea.


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