7 Functions on Android Smartphones That Apple’s iPhone can’t Perform

The battle between Android and iOS operating systems is never-ending. iPhone users can never agree to the fact that the Android OS is far superior than iOS, and it is the vice versa for Android users. And while there is no conclusion to this debate, we can always shed some light on the topic. Both the operating systems offer a lot of interesting features. There are certain things to consider while buying an Android smartphone or an Apple smartphone. In this blog, we will cover various functions that Android smartphones can perform which iPhone’s can’t. In recent times, the Android OS has become more flexible and beautiful. So, if you are an avid Android user, this one is for you.

Multi-Window Apps

By far, one of the most convenient features that Android smartphones have received is the ‘split screen’ technology. The split screen technology allows users to use more than one app at the same time. Users can easily open two apps in the split screen mode to continue multiple tasks at the same time. And we have to admit, it is an absolute bliss to be able to watch YouTube videos while texting or scrolling through a social network.

7 Functions on Android Smartphones That Apple’s iPhone can’t Perform

Call Recording

One feature that has still not been introduced on Apple’s iPhone is the ability to record calls. As for the Android users, recording calls is as easy as it could be. Most Android smartphones come with the record option on the dial pad. However, even for the users whose phones don’t come with the option, can easily download third-party apps from Play Store. So, recording an important call on an Android mobile is never a problem.

Handle Files Better

Handling files on your smartphone have become super effortless, all thanks to Android. The ‘File Manager’ on Android smartphones makes it convenient for users to access files to free up space and speed up their devices. And not just free up space, users can open, delete, copy, move, rename and share files easily. With easy to use Android phones, users can access the entire internal storage without any hassle.

7 Functions on Android Smartphones That Apple’s iPhone can’t Perform

Picture-in-Picture Mode Support

Somewhat similar to the split screen function, the picture-in-picture mode allows videos to run in the background. This feature works by allowing a small screen playing a video in a corner of the screen, while also allowing users to access other apps and content on the screen.

Data Saving Alert

Having a smartphone without a running data plan is of no use. However, even with an active data plan, most of us can over exceed our data limit, which calls for higher bills. To avoid such incidents, Android smartphones lets users set a data limit with the Data Saving mode. This mode will notify users when they have used up all their data or are at the end of the plan, to avoid over usage.

7 Functions on Android Smartphones That Apple’s iPhone can’t Perform

Guest Account Option

Have you ever felt anxious handing over your phone with all important files to someone else? One of the most advantageous benefits of owning an Android smartphone is the ability to switch to guest user mode. The guest-mode will allow you to log into a separate profile, with the benefit to hide your personal data. With this feature, you can undoubtedly hand over your device to someone else. Unfortunately, this feature is still not available on any of the iPhones.

Customization Options

One of the biggest advantages of using an Android mobile is the ability to customize. Widgets are a great way to customize your Android mobile’s home screen, as they give you direct access to various functions. Additionally, users can also download various apps from the Play Store with various themes, wallpapers, and launchers to customize their Android smartphone according to personal preferences.

While there are a lot of advantages of using an Android smartphone, Apple’s iPhone is not too far behind. An additional benefit for Android users is the upcoming Android P OS. The new Android P will bring more new features to its smartphones. So stay tuned for more such updates.


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