5 Things to Consider while buying Android Smartphones in 2018

Your Android smartphone is not just a single device: it adds value to your style statement, keeps all your secrets, and one of your most loved belongings. Replacing the existing smartphone could be a heartbreaking moment for many of us. Still, the fascination of latest and advanced technologies often forces us into buying a new device. If you are thinking about changing your Android smartphones in 2018, this guide can help you.

There are various things you should consider when it comes to smartphone buying or deciding which phone is best for you.

Biggest is the better

5 Things to Consider while buying Android Smartphones in 2018

Gone are the days when you have to stress your eyes to watch videos or photos on your phone’s display. The smartphones coming today are packing larger and better displays. The 18:9 aspect ratio is acting like an icing on the cake. This aspect ratio does not impact any noticeable performance improvements on the device; however, it adds a whole new aesthetic appeal to the device.

Dual rear camera

The dual camera setup is gradually becoming a mainstream feature in Android smartphones in 2018. Even budget smartphones are coming with such specifications. Still, there are many devices which are worth considering regardless of having a single rear camera module as they offer great photography experience. While this being said, having a secondary camera lens enhances the capturing capabilities of the device. So, it is worth considering feature in Android smartphones.

5 Things to Consider while buying Android Smartphones in 2018

Nothing less than 64GB storage

Most of the smartphones available in the market support microSD cards with high capacity; but these phones often come with a hybrid dual-SIM card module. This essentially means that the users will either be able to use two SIM cards or one SIM card with a microSD card. Upgrading storage is not possible when you use two SIM card on the device. So, having less than 64GB of internal storage will put yours in the corner.

Display resolution

For consuming video and high graphics content, phone with higher resolution is a better deal. You can find smartphones with full HD displays which offer 1080×1920 pixels resolution. Nowadays, many smartphones are coming with full HD+ resolution. While this wasn’t enough, some flagship models boast Quad HD or even 4K resolution.

5 Things to Consider while buying Android Smartphones in 2018

Ideal hardware for buttery-smooth performance

The number of processor cores manages the performance of the handset. There are a few smartphones with deca-core processor available in the market. However, a phone with octa-core is sufficient enough to handle everything you’ll throw at it. If you are tight on budget, a quad-core processor device will also be an ideal one.

The RAM capacity of the device determines the overall acceleration. 4-gigs of RAM is sufficient to manage your all-day tasks. Anything beyond this will be an add-on. Lastly, at least 3000mAh battery is ideal enough to keep running your handset for full-day.

These were the 5 things which you should consider in Android smartphones in 2018. Let us know in the comment section whether this guide helped you choosing the perfect smartphone for you.


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