8 New Features of iOS 10.3 to Try Right Now

Apple gave developers the first look at the next big update for iOS 10 which is power packed with a surprising number of new features. The new goodies packed inside iOS 10.3 include improvements for AirPods, iPads in Find My AirPods support, CarPlay improvements, Apple’s new filesystem, and more. Check out the list of some of the top six features you can try on your iOS device right now.

Here are all the new additions coming soon to iOS devices near you.

What Is Included In the iOS 10.3.1 Update?

  1. Efficient File Storage:

One of the important updates in iOS 10.3 is the Efficient file storage. This almost invisible change the company has taken its first step in switching all of its devices to a more advanced file system known as the Apple File System (APFS) which has replaced the Hierarchical File System (HFS+). Other amazing perks that the update (APFS) offers are a stronger encryption and storage optimisation also.

  1. Find my AirPods:

my AirPods

Keeping the track of Apple’s tiny AirPods would never be so easy. Sign in to your Find My iPhone app and you will be able to see the AirPods as an option in it. Once you tap on it, you can see the last location of the Pods when they were paired with your Apple phones and it pings them to make alarm. In order to hunt your AirPod, owners can use the new tool to make the earbuds blast a loud sound. However, the feature only works from the last when the iPhone or iPad that was connected to the AirPods.

  1. iCloud storage breakdown

The feature is meant for those who pay for iCloud to get extra money. The new section presents users a graphical breakdown of how much storage is being used and by what type of files.

Just click on the iCloud option (in new profile section) and you will get to know exactly how you’re using iCloud storage. Once you tap on the graph and you will get a breakdown detailing on how many gigs of storage are being used by each. Further by visiting the iCloud settings page you can see how much iCloud storage you are using.

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  1. Weather in Maps

Weather in Maps

Weather in Map lets you check the weather on Apple’s inbuilt map software at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can even get a week’s breakdown of the weather by 3D touching the weather option.

  1. Apple ID

You can see a new profile section at the top of the settings menu. You can click on the profile to access iCloud, iTunes, App Store and Family Sharing information in one place. Anyhow, you need to log into the Find my iPhone app on your phone or web browser to access them all

  1. App compatibility

It may have happened with most of us that we download an app that is not being used often. Sometimes these apps don’t get the update or probably we don’t use them often. Such apps lead to slowing down of the device. With iOS 10.3, you can check out the compatibility by going to the settings menu and about an option on the General Settings. In case you have non-compatible apps you will see an arrow appear next to the number next to that app.

  1. Apple ID

In iOS 10.3, you can access the Apple ID profile information in the Settings app to access you profile data. It will show you all the Apple devices you’ve used to sign in. In addition, you get to see the iPhone owner’s contact info, security settings, iCloud, payment information and more.

  1. One-handed iPad keyboard

Apple secretly added a third keyboard option for iPad that makes it easier to type with one hand. The keyboard looks like an iPhone keyboard which can be moved around on the iPad like a picture-in-picture screen.


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