Pick the Perfect Washer: Different Types of Wash Systems in Washing Machines

If you thought buying a washing machine is only about choosing the right brand or capacity, then you are wrong. Along with different features and specifications, every washing machine also comes with different types of wash systems. These wash systems make use of various technologies to wash the clothes. There are four types of wash systems that are used in washing machines. These wash systems are namely:

Each wash system is different from the rest and offers various perks. Additionally, every wash system offers its own set of advantages. Let’s take a look at the difference between these various types of wash systems to help you pick the perfect washing machine model.

Pick the Perfect Washer: Different Types of Wash Systems in Washing Machines

Tumble Wash System

In washing machines with the tumble wash system, the low speed spin portion spins the wash basket in the horizontal direction. When the wash basked spins, the clothes start to tumble, which gives this system its name. Tumble washers use a lot of detergent to get rid of all the dirt from the clothes. This system is mainly seen on front load washing machines. Some of the benefits of a tumble wash system are:

  • Clothes do not get tangled during the wash process
  • These washers make use of limited amount of water during the washing process
  • As the spinning speeds are low, tumble washers consume less power

Agitator Wash System

The Agitator wash system is mostly seen on top load washing machines. In this system, agitators are placed in the centre of the washer. These agitators are tall vertical spindles which are finned or vaned. The agitator rotates and rubs around the clothes in different directions to ensure that the dirt is removed thoroughly. Some of the benefits of choosing a washing machine with an agitator wash system are:

  • The agitator rubs against the clothes to remove stubborn stains and dirt
  • Washing machines with agitators mostly come with high energy star rating
  • These washers soak clothes with the water that is re-circulated from the wash cycle

Pick the Perfect Washer: Different Types of Wash Systems in Washing Machines

Impeller & Pulsator Wash System

Washing machines with impeller or pulsator wash systems are completely opposite than the one seen on agitator wash system. The impeller wash system comes with a cone, wheel or disc that revolves or rotates so that the clothes rub against each other to get rid of the dirt. Furthermore, just like the agitator wash system, even the impeller system is mainly seen on top load washing machines. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of preferring an impeller or pulsator wash system:

  • This wash systems utilizes minimum amount of water to wash the clothes
  • Pulsator wash systems are easy and gentle on the clothes and also provide efficient washing
  • With only a disc or cone at the bottom, washing machines with an impeller wash system have more room in the wash basket.

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