5 Things You Can Do With Your Vacuum Cleaner Apart from Cleaning

Most home appliances are designed for a single purpose- to help keep the house running at all times. In this day and age, following the traditional method of dusting, sweeping and mopping is a tiresome job. When technology has evolved so much, why opt for the conventional methods? One of the most important home appliances that make cleaning easier is a vacuum cleaner. It is known for sucking the dust and dirt from the floors and windows to keep your house spotless and clean. However, did you know that vacuum cleaners can be used for more than just cleaning? Here are the 7 different ways you can use your vacuum cleaner at home.

Find All Tiny Lost Items

Imagine dropping a small valuable item on the white floor, how difficult it becomes to find it? Well, you don’t have to go around looking for it, if you have a vacuum cleaner close by. All you have to do is, place a stocking or a sock at the end of your cleaner and hold it secure with elastic. Once you are ready, turn on the cleaner and run it behind the furniture, curtains, under the table or where ever you dropped your valuable item. And voila, all your tiny items will not be lost anymore.

5 Things You Can Do With Your Vacuum Cleaner Apart from Cleaning

Deodorize Your House

Not just cleaning, but vacuuming can leave your house smelling fresh and clean. All you have to do is, throw in some cotton wool balls soaked in aromatic smelling oils in the vacuum bag. Once you start vacuuming, the fragrance is spread throughout the house. This is one of the easiest ways to make your house smell fresh and breezy.

Get Rid of Carpet Dents

If you have a carpet flooring at home, you will relate to the frustration of having dents in your carpet when you place any kind of furniture on top. These dents are a definite no-no when it comes to the overall aesthetics of the room. If you are looking for ideas to get rid of these dents, then here’s what you should do. Place ice cubes in the areas that have dents on the carpet. Wait till the ice melts and start vacuuming the wet area. Even WikiHow has suggested that doing this is the most certain way of getting rid of those annoying carpet dents.

5 Things You Can Do With Your Vacuum Cleaner Apart from Cleaning

Inflate an Air Mattress

We know that, vacuum cleaners are known for sucking the dirt from its path and not the other way round. But, what if it was possible? Well, there are different types of vacuum cleaners that can help you get the job done. The first option while inflating a mattress is an air pump. However, if you can’t find one around, you can use the vacuum. All you have to do is, remove the bag and connect it to a long cleaning nozzle instead. Once done, air will blow out letting you inflate your mattress.

Groom Your Pet

This one is for people who have pets at home. Having pets in the house is non-stop fun. Nevertheless, the problem arises when you find fur all over your floor, furniture and even your clothes. Keep the dusting tool on in your vacuum cleaner and set it to the lowest setting. Gently rub it over your pet to remove all that extra fur from getting over the floor or furniture. Additionally, your pets will love the massage.


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