Essential Kitchen Appliances Every Modern Housewife Needs

The kitchen is the main hub of every household where everyday cooking takes place. Even though cooking is not rocket science, it is an undeniable fact that without a few essential kitchen appliances cooking takes longer. And when it comes to Indian cuisine, there is a lot of grinding and mixing involved which takes a lot of time without the required appliances. To make cooking exciting and quick here is the list of essential kitchen appliances every modern housewife needs

Microwave Ovens

While the microwave oven is known for heating up cold food, it’s not just meant for that. A microwave oven is a multipurpose kitchen appliance that can be used for baking, cooking, grilling, and toasting. Having a microwave at home saves a lot of time and energy in the kitchen. Also, they cook food in a way that reduces the loss of nutrients to keep the food healthy.

Essential Kitchen Appliances Every Modern Housewife Needs

Juicer Mixer Grinder

A juicer, mixer grinder is one of the essential kitchen appliances to have at home. It can do the work of three appliances at a time. A Juicer mixer grinder saves a lot of time in the kitchen from everyday tasks and manages the functions like grinding, mixing, juicing, mincing, grating and pureeing cooking ingredients. Enjoy delicious smoothies and juices or even grinding ingredients with the least amount of effort.

Hand Blenders

Indian cuisine is incomplete without chutneys, gravies and curries. But blending these dishes without a hand blender is way too time-consuming and requires a lot of energy. A hand blender or a stick blender purees soups, chutneys, smoothies and anything that is liquid within a minute or two. They are easy to clean and as hand blenders are small they are equally convenient to store on the counter.

Air Fryer

If you believe in the motto of ‘eat healthy to stay healthy’ then the air fry is just one of the essential kitchen appliances for you. With an air fryer, it is easy to cook healthy and delicious food by using the minimum amount of oil. It circulates hot air in the container to cook food by heating it evenly. By using little to almost no oil enjoy foods like French fries, potato chips, and anything fried with the least amount of fat and equally delicious taste.

Essential Kitchen Appliances Every Modern Housewife Needs

Coffee Maker

Coffee, it is one of the most important beverages that most households can’t function without. But it becomes tedious to stand in the kitchen making separate cups of coffees at different times. With an automatic coffee maker at home, set a timer and sleep assured that your coffee will be brewed and ready when you wake up. It is easy to make one cup or even a pot full depending on the consumption.

Electric Cooker

An electric cooker is unlike the stovetop cookers and comes without the loud, messy and steamy features. With an electric cooker, it is easier to cook food in half the time that is usually required as it cooks food under high pressure and temperature. A dish that takes an hour to cook can be done in 30-35 minutes in an electric cooker. It saves a lot of time from spending time in the kitchen.

If you are a housewife moving into a new house or are just looking to upgrade your kitchen to make cooking less time consuming then these essential kitchen appliances are definitely what you need. Watch out this space for more such reads.


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