A Sneak Peek into the World of Vacuum Cleaners

Spaces, especially those which are empty need to be filled. Empty spaces, voids or vacuums are thus a matter of concern. It is the law of nature and the nature of matter to occupy the unoccupied. The vacuum cleaners work on the same principle. But people often face this, “How many types of vacuum cleaners are present?”, “Which of them are good?” and “How are they different?” These endless questions do have an answer. The answer lies in the kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the market. The different types of vacuum cleaners clear the perception of our requirements.

Different types of vacuum cleaners are listed below:

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

They are helpful to reach the painfully hard-to-reach areas that need an urgent cleaning. The most popular use is in vacuuming cars. The model has to be held in one hand. These vacuum cleaners are ideal for suctioning up dirt, dust and debris from difficult places. They are not good for general floor cleaning.

Philips FC6130/01 is one such Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Are All The Vacuum Cleaners Same?

These are the most popular and sought-after type of vacuum cleaners. They are user-friendly as their features and accessories are easy to understand. They do good cleaning of houses. Most models have extra settings which allow cleaning on both carpeted and bare floors.

Panasonic PA-MCUG522  is an upright vacuum cleaner.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

They are a medium between the upright and stick models. They are powerful but sport a slender frame. It is technologically ahead and sports a multi-functional design. A separate canister is attached to a long wand which can be used to maintain both carpeted areas and bare flooring. Canister vacuum cleaners are one of the most expensive models.

Euroclean Eureka Forbes Xforce is one of these vacuum cleaners.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

These are the least powerful of all the vacuum cleaners. But these stick models get into the narrow places and do a tremendous job of cleaning on hardwood floors, area rugs and light carpeting. They have a long stick-like handle and a slender construction. It is a great addition to any closet space. It is slim and can fit in any corner of the room after its work is done.

Philips FC6132/02 is one such vacuum cleaner.

Are All The Vacuum Cleaners Same?


Autonomous Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners require little effort from your end. They save your time. They reach the places where larger vacuums cannot reach as the couch. These vacuum cleaners though beneficial are quite costly.

Ameribot 720 is one of these cleaners.

Consider the location before buying the vacuum cleaner

Bare Flooring

Go for the vacuum cleaners which aren’t much heavy and provide with attachments. The upright type of vacuum cleaners on bare floors poses a number of challenges as scratching the smooth and coveted floorings. Canister vacuum cleaners, on the contrary, come with a bare-floor brush which keeps the floors very clean and scratch-free.

Carpeted Flooring 

In this case, the upright vacuum cleaners are best suited. Their latest developments include a dirt sensor which makes sure that even a last speck of germ is not visible.

Are All The Vacuum Cleaners Same?

Always know the layout of the flooring and features of the surfaces before choosing a vacuum cleaner.

Bag or No Bag

Bagged vacuum cleaners

It is a good option if you or any of your family members are susceptible to allergies and allergens. The exposure to dust is minimised when the bag is emptied. Most of the bags are guaranteed to trap everything but .03{f5b93dcae151b2807b21469b64c634b1c5eb405667157a858d761bab7dfbcdb9} of dust remains in your carpeting. The bags should be replaced regularly.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

This option is for those who are eco-friendly. Those tired of replacing bags can opt for these bagless vacuum cleaners. The see-through vacuum cleaners give an opportunity to see how filled the vacuum is and decide when to empty it out.

(Tip: Take time to research the available models. Be engaging with the market to find the right model. Have a discussion with your family if you are buying it for home. Choose the types of Vacuum Cleaners which best suits your requirements.)

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