Top 10 new Features of Apple iPhone 8 You Should Know

The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 is certainly the most anticipated Apple device of this year. The smartphone has leaked several times in the past few months, however, the frequency of Apple iPhone 8 leaks have been augmented over the last few days alone.

Now, wide-ranging information about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and other products is received from alleged three Foxconn employees via Reddit. Here’s what we learnt from the alleged rumours and leaks of the iPhone 8 so far.

Top 10 new Features of Apple iPhone 8 You Should Know

Top 10 new features of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8

  • The upcoming iPhone will be dubbed as the ‘Apple iPhone X’. Though, there is no strong evidence about this iPhone name is received yet, it could be just a codename.
  • A new vertical aligned dual rear camera design will be present on the device.
  • The front bezel on top and bottom edges will be thinner.
  • The test units revealed that the Touch ID will be underneath the glass. Hence no fingerprint scanner on the rear panel will be seen on the device.

Top 10 new Features of Apple iPhone 8 You Should Know

  • The established AuthenTech Touch ID has been replaced with the upcoming models.
  • The Facial Detection and Retina Scanner will be present on the device.
  • There is a possibility of dual cameras at the front.
  • The RAM capacity will remain at 3GB similar to the iPhone 7 Plus
  • The device will flaunt a composite glass and ditch the aluminium unibody design.
  • No USB Type-C port will be offered on the device. The company will retain its Lightning port. Wireless charging will be provided at the rear panel.

Top 10 new Features of Apple iPhone 8 You Should Know

Since all these are derived from the leaks and rumours, we suggest taking it with a pinch of salt. However, these points are in sync with the increasing flow of leaks.

The Foxconn internal tipsters also mentioned that the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus versions will join the iPhone 8/iPhone X launch event. Both models will come with an aluminium unibody and not the composite glass one. Also, the wireless charging feature will be missing in these models.

Top 10 new Features of Apple iPhone 8 You Should Know

Other Gadgets by Apple

Interestingly, the flood of new leaks and rumours arrived at the beginning of a big week for Apple. The Cupertino-based tech giant will host its WWDC 2017 conference today (June 5, 2017). Here at the conference, the company is expected to unveil new MacBooks and iPads along with the foretaste of iOS 11. The company has cleared that it will not disclose anything about the new iPhones and it will keep it off the record until the release date.

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