TomTom Spark 3, Touch, Adventurer Fitness Tracker Launched

A Dutch consumer electronics maker, TomTom has unveiled three new wearable devices in the Indian market- TomTom Spark 3 watch, TomTom Touch Fitness tracker, and TomTom Adventurer watch. The company has launched a new division of products called TomTom Sports which will house the fitness products.

The TomTom Smartwatch company is known for its GPS navigation, traffic, and mapping products. The company also makes GPS Sports watches, action camera, and location-based products.

The TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker will be exclusively available on Amazon India at a price of Rs 13,999. The TomTom Adventurer is a premium smartwatch which will be available for a price of Rs 25,999 at all leading online stores by December 2016.

Lastly, the TomTom Spark 3 series offers various options which will start from Rs 13,999 and will go to Rs 21,999 for the high-end version. It will also available on all leading e-commerce stores from December 2016.

Coming to the features, the TomTom Touch is also known as a fitness tracker. The device is not just to count the steps and activity levels which are a very common feature in other devices that are available in the market. The device can calculate the Body composition analysis (BCA) which is the measure for the muscle to body in the body. The company claims that the fitness tracker is more reliable and accurate fitness device which knows fitness besides relying on BMI and steps. The TomTom Touch counts steps, sleep, heart rate tracking and others.

The TomTom Touch calculates the BCA by sending a harmless electrical current into the body. The users are required to stand perfectly still to compute the BCA. Hence, the BCA calculation is not recommended for pregnant women and patients who have pace-maker in their body.

The TomTom Touch offers an OLED display where users can check the relevant information. The device is water-resistant. It uses a universal micro USB charging cable which is claimed to offer up to 5 days of battery life. Also, the device can be customized using various straps.

The TomTom Adventurer is a premium outdoor sports smartwatch which has GPS functionality. There are various modes in the watch such as Trail running, snowboarding, hiking, and skiing. In addition, there is also multi-sports tracking features for swimming, running, cycling, and gym activities. The device offers 24×7 heart rate monitoring, activity tracker, and barometer tracking. Moreover, it also has a built-in music player.

Lastly, TomTom Spark 3 is a GPS multi-sport fitness watch which has four variants in India. The TomTom Spark 3’s range starts from Rs 13,999. The basic variant doesn’t provide heart rate monitor or music functions. If has GPS tracking, activity tracking, goals, and wireless syncing functionality with the TomTom app.

The higher variant, TomTom Spark 3 Cardio comes with a heart rate monitoring feature along with the other features. It is priced at Rs 17,999. The device doesn’t support the music playback functionality via Bluetooth headset

The TomTom Spark 3 Music+Cardio variant is priced at Rs 21,999 and it supports heart rate monitoring as well as music storage. The company said that the device could store over 500 songs on the new TomTom Spark 3 music series.


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