Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 to offer 5 hours of Battery life in 5 minutes

Leaving the house and you suddenly realize that your smartphone battery is almost dying is an awful feeling. Time is really precious in our fast paced life. That’s why smartphone companies are trying to bring bigger and better batteries into their latest mobiles.

There are various fast charging technologies in smartphone industry which offer hours of battery life within a short charging time alongside the super smart power management on device’s processor. But no one was able to juice a battery as quickly as in 5 minutes to deliver 5 hours of performance, Qualcomm claims it has just made it.

Qualcomm is about to bring the fast-charging, Quick Charge 4 technology in its upcoming Snapdragon 835 chipset which will be built on an ultra-small 10-nanometer architect. The chipset will be produced by Samsung and it is expected to come in 2017.

The new Quick Charge 4 tech is claimed to be 20 percent faster than its prior Quick Charge 3.0; while, it is 250 percent faster than the earliest Quick Charge technology. The new technology could deliver five hours of battery life after just five minutes of charging.

Qualcomm is the key chipset manufacturer which powers nearly every Android mobile from companies like Samsung mobiles, Lenovo mobiles, ZTE mobiles, LG mobiles, and even Google mobiles have taken benefits of Quick charge tech. The Quick Charge 4 is claimed to give a smartphone 5 hours of battery life from merely 5 minutes at the plug.

Furthermore, the new tech can fuel up to 50 of battery capacity with 15 minutes of charging. Also, the new version will keep the device up to 5 degrees (Celsius) cooler while charging which can results in 30 percent extended battery life.

Qualcomm says the Quick Charge 4 will be compatible with both USB Type-C and USB-PD connections. For USB Power Delivery, the cables with 3A and 5A specifications will be required for using this technology.

The QC4 employs the third version of Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV). This new power management algorithm comprises the real-time thermal management system. Qualcomm claims that the tech can offer advanced charging optimization as it automatically establishes and selects the optimal power transfer level according to the thermal condition.

We all are aware of smartphone battery explosions in the recent times especially Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery issues which cost the company recalls and later discontinuation. Qualcomm seems to be working on many safety features and improvements on its chipsets for the upcoming mobile that will support Quick Charge 4.

Qualcomm says, the smartphones and its power adapters will come with the protection against higher voltage, currents, and temperatures. Moreover, the company has ensured an extra layer of protection with the functionality which helps in prevention of battery over-charging and also controls the current during every charge cycle. For this, sensors and monitors will be equipped with the chipset, PMIC, and battery to control thermal conditions, Qualcomm added.

Qualcomm is expected to release the first Snapdragon 835 processor with Quick Charge 4 support in the upcoming mobiles and other products which will be shipped sometime in early 2017.


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