Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Microwave Oven

For any nuclear family and that with working women, owning a microwave oven is a relief. When life has become fast, busy and filled with multiple tasks microwave ovens are appliances that are time-saving.

It solely depends on your need and kitchen, whether to have countertop, over-the-range or built-in microwaves.

Before understanding how to buy the right microwave, it is necessary to know what a microwave means. A microwave is a kitchen appliance used in heating, reheating and various other purposes.

The food is cooked by its exposure to microwave radiation. The microwave uses less energy as opposed to a cook stove. Hence, it is the most efficient appliance.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Microwave Oven

The various elements that constitute a Microwave Oven include a high voltage power source, high voltage capacitor, cavity magnetron, magnetron control circuit, metal cooking chamber, short waveguide, digital/manual control panel, and a metal waveguide stirring fan.

An average microwave oven produces 700W of microwave power on a consumption of 1100W of electricity.

Also, an ideal microwave oven can continue working for 10 years or more. To achieve this, one has to choose the right model. To be able to cook meals as well as reheat the food in the shortest span of time you need to buy the one oven which suits your needs the best.

There’s an array of products available on the market at varying prices.

To make things simpler here are a few points you should consider before buying a microwave oven: 


Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Microwave Oven



When time is a constraint, you often need a microwave which can cook the food faster. Higher wattage ovens cook food faster and evenly as compared to those with low wattages. Larger ovens offer high wattage power.


The sizes range from 10X18X14inches to 14X24X20inches. On the basis of the quantity of food to be cooked in your schedule and the space in your kitchen decide the size, you wish to buy.



Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Microwave Oven

A variety of sizes, types, brands have contributed to a varying range of prices in which microwave oven are available. Keep a track of the amount you need and the range you can stretch. Plan accordingly and buy.


Be wise enough to choose a microwave with a turntable. The added advantage of this type is that you do not need to turn the dish every other time you do your microwave cooking.

Child-lock feature:

The dishes become exceptionally hot when they come out of the oven. It is advisable to have child-proof doors on microwave convection units. The keypad can be used to lock and release the door handles.

Auto cook menu:

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Microwave Oven

The auto cook menu enables new recipes with the same food items. Enter the weight and leave the rest to this feature so that a new dish is cooked.

The above general features will help you select the right oven.

Some of the well-known microwave ovens are Samsung 21 L Convection, Onida 20 L Convection and  Whirlpool 20 L Grill Microwave Oven.


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