5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartwatch

A Smartwatch is worn just like a traditional watch on the wrist but comes with multifunctional features and connects to our smartphones.  It is like a mini smartphone that notifies you of incoming calls, texts and social updates. However, these smartwatches also come with advanced features like heart rate monitoring, touch screens and support various apps. Smartwatches are designed to look smart and sleek but at the same time are accessories that perform functions to make everyday tasks convenient for us. But what are the important things to consider before buying a Smartwatch?


Checking the compatibility of the Smartwatch with your smartphone is one of the major things to consider. Most of the Smartwatch come with different operating systems. Apple watches come with the iOS system whereas the other smartwatches either come with Android Wear or Windows operating system. Certain smartwatches support both Android and iOS. Pick out a model depending on the phone you are using and the compatible OS.


Smartwatches come with various colourful displays such as LCD, OLED and AMOLED screens. All these displays are excellent for features like looking through pictures, browsing the web and social media and other content in rich colour. LCD screens perform better in sunlight as they use the backlight to brighten images on the screen. On the other hand, OLED and AMOLED screens light up each pixel producing high contrast ratios.


Another important thing to consider while buying a Smartwatch is the interface. Smartwatches are either touchscreen or come with buttons. Using our smartphones and almost all other electronic gadgets, we are used to touchscreens. Even smartwatches are no exception. Additionally, if swiping and getting things done on a smaller touchscreen seems difficult, there are smartwatches with simple and elegant buttons to help you through.


If you enjoy staying healthy and fit and want to keep a track of all the updates, a smartwatch is just the accessory for you. While there are a lot of fitness trackers in the market to keep a track on physical activities and monitoring the heart rate, smartwatches are equally at par with activity tracking. While some smartwatches depend on the smartphone for activity tracking, most have a built-in system for tracking fitness. The fitness features a smartwatch keeps a track on are the pedometer, calories count, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, workout tracker and much more.


The apps are what make the smartwatch like a mini-smartphone. Smartwatches include a wide range of apps depending on the operating system for social media, weather, navigation, fitness. Most of the smartwatches come with a range of pre-installed apps. Make sure to check the app selection on the smartwatch to pick the one that is best suitable for you.


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