Tech Accessories for Women to Up Their Style Mantra in 2019

On this International Women’s Day, let’s appreciate all the tech-savvy women. Women in tech all across the globe have broken the stereotype that women only believe in pink and sparkly accessories. Making a fashion statement is not just limited to the clothes you wear. A fashion statement can even be made with the accessories you carry. Especially with the world moving at such a fast pace, we need certain tech accessories to get us through the day. Well, it goes without saying that your latest smartphone can also be counted as a tech accessory. However, there are many other tech accessories for women that will up your style mantra. Want to know what these tech accessories for women are? Well, take a look.

Tech Accessories for Women #1: A Chic Instant Camera

Tech Accessories for Women to Up Their Style Mantra in 2019

There’s just something about girls and their need for clicking the perfect Instagram-worth pictures. It’s a truth that we enjoy clicking pictures of new places, selfies and FOOD! However, all these pictures tend to end up in one corner of our smartphone and we completely forget about them after some time. On the other hand, owning a chic instant camera will allow you to capture pictures and get a physical copy on spot. Additionally, some there are a wide range of instant cameras in India that let you preview the picture before you print. Plus, these cameras are perfect for capturing and cherishing memories on a later date. It is a pretty good way of capturing ever-lasting memories, right?

Tech Accessories for Women #2: A Classy Smartwatch

Tech Accessories for Women to Up Their Style Mantra in 2019

A smartwatch looks pretty much like a regular watch; there’s no difference between the two when it comes to the design. However, unlike regular watches, a smartwatch is like wearing a mini smartphone on your wrist. These devices easily connect to a smartphone to notify you when you receive any text or call. Also, most of the top trending smartwatches allow you to reply to texts, use different apps, set reminders and even track fitness. If you are a tech enthusiast, then a smartwatch is most definitely a tech accessory that you must own.

Tech Accessories for Women #3: A Smart Assistant

Tech Accessories for Women to Up Their Style Mantra in 2019

Smart Assistants are designed to make our lives easier. In fact, these smart assistants are also built into our latest Android mobile phones. Most Android mobile phones come with a dedicated smart assistant button. These smart assistants have made things simple and hassle-free for us. Amazon Alexa, Siri, Samsung Bixby and Google Assistant can control your home and smart gadgets effortlessly. Right from playing music, making calls, setting alarms, paying bills and much more our virtual assistants can do it all. Having a smart assistant around is a complete game changer.

Tech Accessories for Women #4: Stylish Wireless Headphones

Tech Accessories for Women to Up Their Style Mantra in 2019

Do you enjoy listening to music while you are on your morning run or during a workout? Or, do you love binge-watching movies and series all night while everyone is asleep? All these activities are not fun without a good pair of headphones. And, if we are talking about headphones, why prefer the traditional wired ones when you can easily opt for wireless headphones? A wireless headphone will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, eliminating the hassle of dealing with long wires. Another added advantage is that these headphones will not fall off during your workout sessions. All-in-all, it is a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Tech Accessories for Women #5: A Smart Fitness Band

Tech Accessories for Women to Up Their Style Mantra in 2019

This tech accessory is perfect for all those women who are health conscious and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A fitness tracker is the best device that will get you through your fitness routine. These bands are especially designed for keeping a track of all health-related routines. You will be able to keep a track on a number of activities such as – steps you walked in a day, number of calories burned, distance walked, number of hours you have slept and so much more. There are also waterproof fitness bands that can be taken in the pool to track your laps and strokes. Want to stay fit? A fitness tracker can help you. Plus, it looks good on the arm and gives a sporty look to the person wearing it.



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