Smartphone Addiction: Symptoms, Causes, and Remedies

Have you heard about Aaron Chervenak? Yes, the person who has married to his smartphone recently in Las Vegas. Crazy, isn’t it? In fact, many of us are married to our smartphones, although without the rituals.

No doubt, the smartphone gives up a power to explore things, makes us competent, and opens the world of possibilities (in terms of information) at our fingertips. But the things go wrong when we become its slaves. Most of us have a manic obsession to check smartphones constantly while working, eating, watching TV, walking or even while driving. Ignoring these signs of smartphone addiction can put you in adverse conditions.

Still confused whether you’re addicted to a smartphone or not? Here’re the common symptoms of smartphone addiction.

  • A desire to use your android smartphone or the IOS mobile more often even if you don’t have any specific tasks to perform on it.
  • Phantom vibrations- You strongly feel no new message or calls on your smartphone even if there is no notification. This phenomenon is known as phantom vibration in medical term.
  • Nomophobia- It is a kind of anxiety disorder which relates to the fear of being without a smartphone.
  • Constant failed attempts to use smartphone less often.
  • Obsession with smartphone use.
  • Feeling of smartphone usage when experiencing unwanted feelings like as anxiety or depression.
  • The loss of senses after the extreme smartphone usage.
  • Problems occurred in relationship or jobs due to unnecessary smartphone use.
  • Feeling of having the newest and the latest mobiles and gadgets, more applications, and features constantly.
  • Feeling depression, tension, anger, irritability, and restlessness when the mobile network is not available.

Causes of Smartphone addiction

Take the case of Anand, 27, who works at an MNC in Mumbai. During his spare time, he companions his smartphone in almost every occasion. He uses his phone for over 4 hours a day. His prime smartphone usage includes work, social networking, calling, entertainment, gaming, browsing for information, paying bills and more. In other words, Anand is addicted to his smartphone. He already realized the health issues he is going through because of his addiction. He is suffering from lack of hearing, poor eyesight, neck pain, insomnia, and finger aching. Still, Anand seeks for latest mobiles, tablets, and apps in the market. And not to mention, he can’t kick his smartphone addiction.

The reason behind such behavior relates with our lifestyle. As the mobiles are getting smarter, users are gaining the desire to have the latest technology in their hands and stay connected all the time. The smartphone users are divided into two broad behavior patterns- the users who constantly use the smartphone for at least 30 minutes and the other who show characteristics of a snacking behavior. The users coming under snacking behavior pattern checks their mobiles after every 20-30 seconds and finish up considering the smartphone at 200 times a day. The constant craving for smartphone usage is the sole reason behind smartphone addiction.

Remedies for Smartphone Addiction

The first step to getting rid of your addiction is to admit there’s a problem. Follow these steps to kick the smartphone addiction out from your life.

  • Turn off your smartphone once in a while or at least an hour before bed.
  • Get a real alarm clock. As you’ll switch off your smartphone an hour before bed, you’ll require another device to wake up on time.
  • Turn on your smartphone again after finishing your morning routine. This will provide you much time to concentrate on shower, dressing, and breakfast.
  • Change the auto-sync settings of the smartphone. You don’t have to look every single email and message as it comes.
  • Assign certain times to check notifications and others.
  • Get social. Interact and engage with family and friends in reality than social media. This will surely improve your relationship with them.



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