6 Tips to Prevent Mobile Overheating

Mobile overheating is an issue faced in many budget smartphones. Nowadays, big battery mobiles along with powerful processor is the trend. The heating is not only caused by batteries but, many a time, the mobile processor gets heated too. Smartphones experience overheating issue during charging, using heavy apps, paying heavy games and recording 4K content.

The heating of a smartphone is caused due to the hardware in most cases, but there are several things which compel the heat to your smartphone. Here are some tips on – How to avoid mobile heating.

Remove your mobile case while charging

Smartphone cases and covers are important for your mobile safety. They add extra protection to your mobile phone. But, keeping the smartphone in cover and cases locks the heat emitted from the device. If your mobile gets heat up during charging then removing such cover will help to reduce the overheating in some cases. We recommend you to prefer a case which isn’t suffocating your smartphone.

Avoid charging smartphones overnight

Many of us have a habit of charging smartphone overnight. Well, let me tell you, it isn’t a good habit. When you leave your smartphone to charge overnight, smartphone starts heating up once it’s charged fully. Also, overnight charging affects the efficiency of your smartphone battery. This may be the case in some smartphones but, even if your smartphone doesn’t get heated while charging, you should avoid overnight charging.

6 Tips to Prevent Smartphone Overheating

Shut down unwanted apps

There are several apps which heavily consumes the processing power along with graphics. These apps stay active in the background and make the processing power to drain out. Also, they use a lot of your smartphone RAM and keep your device occupied all the time. Such apps might heat up your handset.

The solution to this problem is to kill or shut heavy apps at regular intervals. You can even use cache cleaning apps and run the ‘clear memory’ process whenever you feel your smartphone is getting warm. Such cleanup apps will not only shut down unwanted apps but also save you some memory.

Keep your smartphone on a hard surface

We all have the habit of leaving smartphone on bed or sofa. Such soft surfaces could absorb and traps the heat emitted out from the phone and warms up the smartphone even further. The intensity of heat increases to a very high level if your smartphone is on charging mode. Thus, always rest your phone on a hard surface like a table, floor or others.

6 Tips to Prevent Smartphone Overheating

Avoid playing games for a long time.

Playing games for a long time tends to heat your phone. When you play heavy graphics games, the load on smartphone processor increases which can warm your smartphone. Same applies while watching videos. Playing videos or recording videos for a long time can heat up your mobile.

To avoid this, take breaks every 45 minutes while playing games. Don’t watch videos continuously for more than 3 hours.

Keep smartphone away from sunlight

Avoid keeping your smartphone in direct sunlight. Heat from sunlight may tend to warm your mobile even more. The smartphone’s normal processing power and heat received from the sunlight are bound to heat up the phone.

Use original batteries only

Using duplicate batteries or third-party batteries may not suit your smartphones every time. These batteries tend to get heated while charging. The heat may increase to a level where it may blast too. A phone becomes a bomb because of battery overheating and the chances of this increase with the usage of duplicate batteries.

Thus, always prefer using an original battery that comes along with your handset. If your battery dies over the long run then you can always get it replaced by your smartphone company’s service center.


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