5 Tech Myths That You Need To Get Out Of Your Head

A fact that some of you might not have realized is that we are surrounded by gadgets. Most of us start and finish our day with a gadget by our side. It could be anything. Our latest smartphones, laptops, tablets, and cameras are some of the gadgets that we use on a day-to-day basis. In spite of being surrounded by technology, there are some tech myths that we still harbour. We have all heard myths like browsing on incognito mode keeps your data private or you should let you smartphones battery drain out completely before keeping it on charge for longevity. However, these tech myths are only myths. Here are the 5 tech myths that you need to get out of your head.

More bars mean a stronger signal

People generally assume that more bars automatically mean stronger signal. However, that’s not the case. When you notice more network bars on your smartphone, it is indicating the proximity of your smartphones network to the nearest tower. This does not mean that your signal is strong mainly because a lot of people are connected to the same tower simultaneously. So when there are no bars, you can safely assume that there is no cellular tower close by.

5 Tech Myths That You Need To Get Out Of Your Head

More megapixels = Better camera

While buying a new smartphone, camera specifications play a very important role in the decision. We consider how many megapixels are needed in a smartphone. But, what we don’t realize is that megapixels only matter when you are going to print pictures. Nevertheless, that does mean that megapixels don’t matter because they absolutely do.

A megapixel is calculated as one million pixels. Pictures are made of these tiny dots called pixels. The number of megapixels will tell you a number of pixels a photograph can take from your Smartphone camera. So, unless you are going to be printing your images, opt for a smartphone camera with better lens, light sensor, image processing and much more.

New products with better specs are the best

The phrase ‘old is gold’ is truly apt in this situation. When we buy a new device, we usually prefer the latest model with all the high-end specifications. Well, it’s easy to fall for the myth that the latest advancements will make a better gadget. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The most recent example of this fact is the iPhone X. Without a doubt, the previous Apple models still hold a better value. A smartphone, laptop or any other gadget with better features and faster processor does not mean that it will work better or last longer than a product with fewer features.

5 Tech Myths That You Need To Get Out Of Your Head

Overnight charging kills the battery

One of the tech myths that has probably been debated over for a long time is if overnight charging kills the devices’ battery. Well, you can charge your smartphone overnight and rest assured that it will not harm the battery. There is a reason that mobiles these days are called ‘smart’phones. Your phone will recognize that it is fully charged and stop charging by itself.

5 Tech Myths That You Need To Get Out Of Your Head

Turning off data and connectivity saves charge

There are two sides to this myth. You must have read on a lot of posts that turning off your data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS will reduce the load on the battery. While it is advisable to do this when you are running out of charge, keeping these settings turned off altogether won’t help. These are the basic system services that need to be turned on for your smartphone to function smoothly.


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