Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner Debuts in India

Samsung India recently announced the world’s first ever Wind-Free air conditioner and system air conditioner range. The new Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner comes with Samsung’s very own Wind-Free cooling technology. This technology keeps the room temperature maintained without the need for direct air flow.

These latest Wind-Free air conditioners come with the anti-corrosion Durafin condenser and 8 pole series technology specially designed for the harsh climate of India. Both the Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner and system air conditioner will be available across various online stores. The price range for these air conditioners will start at Rs. 50,950 and will go up to Rs. 74,260.

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner Debuts in India

Users will be offered a range of customisation options with the Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner and systems air conditioner. The options include 1 Way Cassette, 4 Way Cassette and Mini 4 Way Cassette. The user can pick from any of these options based on their requirements. It is one of the best premium air conditioners in India you can buy now.

Furthermore, the Samsung Wind-Free air conditioner is believed to come with 9,000 to 21,000 micro air holes that will distribute the cold air without blowing it out actively. Also, with a two-step cooling system, the air conditioner first lowers the temperature in the Fast Cooling Mode and then switches by itself to the Wind-Free Cooling Mode which creates ‘still air’.

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner Debuts in India

The still air effect maintains the desired room temperature based on the user’s preferences. According to reports, the Fast Cooling Mode in the air conditioner uses up power 72% more than the Wind-Free cooling mode. Moreover, with summer already upon us surviving without an AC is almost impossible. With 72% less power usage and other simple tips to save electricity bill on air conditioning, you can keep your AC switched on all day.

Additionally, the Wind-Free AC range will be displayed at the ACREX 2018 at BIEC, Bengaluru. It is the unique design-build of the air conditioner that contributes to its superior cooling performance. This is mainly because the design has a wider inlet which allows for more air to be drawn at the same time.

Similarly, the width of the outlet makes sure that the air is cooled down and distributed faster, farther and wider to each and every nook and corner of the room.


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