Tips to Save Electricity Bill on Air Conditioning This Summer

Summertime is almost here! A few weeks back, the thought of summer seemed so appealing. And now that it’s here, we can’t wait to be rid of it already. That’s the thing about summers, it has us tossing and turning in bed, struggling with the brutal heat. Thank God for air conditioners, that make the scorching heat bearable. However, keeping the air conditioner turned on at all times only means sky-rocketing electricity bills. It is very common for you to be torn between the decision to save electricity bill or not care about it for the next few months.

Go ahead and imagine trying to catch some sleep on an incredibly hot night in a sticky room. When you compare that to a blissful night of Zzz in a cool air-conditioned room, we know what you will choose. There are different air conditioning brands available in the market, it does not matter which one you choose. To make things easy for you, we are here with some simple tips to save electricity bill on air conditioning this summer. Read on.

Tips to Save Electricity Bill on Air Conditioning This Summer

Cool At Night, Hot During the Day

Haven’t we all noticed that evening air is comparatively cooler than it is during the day? It is during the daytime that the heat is unbearable. A simple trick to keep your house cool at all times during the summer months is, keep the air conditioner switched on during the day and switched off at night. The air conditioner will cool your house during the day, without letting the heat seep in.

This naturally keeps your house cool during the night as well. If that isn’t sufficient, you can always open the windows to let the cool evening air flow through the house. And well what are ceiling fans for, right? With so many different types of designer fans available, our summer nights might just be salvaged.

Keep the Sun Out

When we of think summer, we imagine beaches. Sadly, that’s not the case with our homes. The more sun we let in, the more our air conditioners have to work to keep the temperature optimal. And when air conditioners work that hard there is nothing we can do to save electricity bill. What’s the point of switching on the air conditioner when the sunlight is anyways not going to let your house cool down?

If you are going to heed our advice and keep your air conditioner turned on during the day, then remember to keep your drapes, blinds, curtains and awnings closed. It’s time to keep the hot air and beautiful sunrays out where it belongs.

Tips to Save Electricity Bill on Air Conditioning This Summer

Turn off the Lights

No, we don’t want you to turn off the lights just to save electricity bill. And it’s not just lights, but all the household appliances that make your air conditioner work harder. Home appliances like the microwave, television, washing machine and computer generate a lot of heat. This eventually pushes your air conditioner to work more to control the heat.

Also, no we are not asking you to switch off everything and live in the dark. However, what you need to do is, think of all the things that you don’t require. If lights are switched on in an empty room or if the TV is turned on while no one is watching, you can turn off these appliances to let your air conditioner do its work.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If your air conditioner is not working as efficiently as it should be, it’s time to rearrange. At times, furniture obstructs the air flow, which means the backside of your sofa or chair might be enjoying the cool air. And we are quite sure that you would rather enjoy the cool air yourself. Understand the placement of your air conditioner and the air flow. If you notice that your furniture is blocking the air, you can always rearrange. It’s one of the simple tips to save electricity bill that most of us overlook.

Tips to Save Electricity Bill on Air Conditioning This Summer

Keep it Clean

After months of winter, when summer hits, we can’t think of anything else except our air conditioners. What we don’t realize is, the amount of dirt and dust that must have got accumulated in the air conditioners during winter. One amazing tip to help you save electricity bill is to make sure your air conditioner is clean. A dirty air filter only means more electricity being used and an electricity bill with higher cost ending up on your doorstep. Instead, make certain to keep your AC filters regularly cleaned or replaced. You can call the experts or clean the air conditioner filter yourself.

These are some of the most simple and easy tips that you can use to save electricity bill while using the air conditioner. Summer is here and there is no running away from it. So, here’s hoping for a not too long summer and keeping it cool in the heat. If you are deciding to buy a new AC, read our blog on “How To Choose The Best Air-Conditioner In India“.


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