Beat The Heat: How To Choose The Best Air-Conditioner In India

Nature is silent when people speak but it becomes violent when people sleep. This can be taken into account easily if we study the changing environmental patterns. Everyone has felt the unbearable heat this time. But as always we bring you a solution to this. The heat wave continues to strike even when it is mid-May. At such times we browse the list of electronics and home appliances. We come across a list of Air conditioners.

The commodity which appeared to be a luxury decades ago has now become a reasonable necessity.
With the variety of choices available in the market, the common man finds it tough to make the right choice.
We bring for you the parameters essential in deciding the ideal piece for your house.

1. Capacity:

The capacity of the air-conditioner is governed upon the floor size of the concerned room. Rough estimates show that an area in the range of 120-140 sq.ft area will require 1-ton, 150-180 sq.ft will need 1.5-ton and 180-240 sq.ft will need a 2-ton cooling capacity air-conditioner.

2. Split AC or Window AC:

This is the first parameter of concern while selecting the right AC. Window AC is cheaper so automatically becomes the first choice of customers. Split AC’s are quieter and aesthetically more pleasing and provides better air distribution.

3. Energy efficiency:

Electricity tariffs go hand-in-hand with the rising mercury levels this summer. It is wiser to have an energy efficient model. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has standardised a benchmark for ratings of AC. They come with star rated energy efficiency ratings (EER). More the star ratings, less the energy consumed.

4. Air Quality:

Indoor air should be clean and fresh especially when AC’s are used. A good quality filter is required for clean air, better cooling effect and energy efficiency of AC. The good filter prevents the choking of evaporator coil due to dust.

5. Price:

Along with quality, it is important to measure one’s pocket. Advanced features and high star ratings account for a higher price tag. The price increases by around Rs.2500 with every star rating increase. An Inverter AC is usually 20 percent higher than a 5-star rated split AC.

6. Cooling Speed:

An adjustable thermostat is needed. At least two cooling speeds are needed and a minimum of two fan speeds as one may want to have variable speeds at different times of the day.

7. Installation Requirements:

The performance parameter of any AC depends upon its installation. Installation should always be done from an authorised service centre.Window AC is very compact designed to be attached to the windows. Split AC has one indoor unit inside the room and the compressor unit outside the house.

8. Maintenance and Servicing:

Regular servicing and cleaning (preferably quarterly) are required for optimum performance.

9. After Sales Servicing:

It is very important to buy from a place who assure you their assistance in after-sales services. A product with a warranty is more trustworthy.

10. Miscellaneous and multipurpose utility:

Many of them come with a dehumidification function, which reduces their humidity in the air to increase cooling and more comfort. Sleep mode function in AC is also very beneficial. An auto restart facility should be preferred. Nowadays, AC is not just for cooling but can also be utilised for heating during winters. These two in one AC’s save up to 35 percent more energy than heaters. They are the best cooling devices for humid weather.


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